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Jan 10, 2008 07:11 AM

Choosing one of the three for romantic dinner...

The lady's birthday is rapidly approaching and it is about time for me to make a reservation at a nice, romantic spot for her birthday. I (think) that I narrowed the options down to Romeo's Cafe, Talula and Il Gabbiano. I have always heard amazing things about Talula, though the reviews of spotty service scare me, Romeo's is supposed to be an experience, but I have heard nothing about Gabbiano. Apparently the owners of Il Mulino in NY opened it here and it has a waterfront view. I have not heard much else. Has anyone been? Which of those three would you choose?

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  1. Where is "here"? We can't do a thing to help you if we don't know your location.

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    1. Unfortunately Talula is the only one of the three I've been to. The food is great and the place is nice, but I don't think it would qualify in my mind as the most romantic place for a dinner. I have never actually eaten in the main part of the restaurant, only at the kitchen bar and a couple times on the outdoor patio, but the main part of the restaurant is very open, not terribly cozy, can get a bit noisy. The patio area is nice but not quite what I'd call romantic either.

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        Agree with Frod reg Talula
        Never done Romeo's
        Il Gab sounds like it has potential.

        Other thoughts on South Beach, Wish, Mark's and maybe the new Joley at Astor? haven't been but know it was redesigned, just throwing that out there.
        found some pics of Joley

        Did you do Maison d'Azur for NYE?

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          We actually did a passed hors d'ourves and cocktail thing for 3 hours. The food was very good but the emphasis was definitely on the drinks, and their drinks were delicious. The house cocktails were great, good mojitos and sangria, though there were others brought out that I do not remember too well (for obvious reasons haha).

          Speaking of delicious drinks, the new Florida Room at the Delano has some VERY delicious and very unique drinks. My girlfriend got a champagne drink that was a kir royale on steroids, champagne, muddles raspberries, house-made chambord and I forget what else. Sangria with vodka, sake, white wine, muddled peaches, etc. Great stuff if you are ever in the area and want a post-dinner drink. The spot is very cool, 20s era speakeasy vibe to it.

      2. I haven't been in a number of years so don't know how food/service holding up, but as far as romantic spot, few beat an outdoor table at Baleen's on Grove Isle. The view of the bay, etc. is great and dining al fresco with sea breeze in your face is what living in Miami should embody if only for a few months out of the year unfortunately.

        1. Not sure how much of a foodie your wife is, but the best birthday present I can think of using my limited imagination for that special lady is:

          Late afternoon spa at the Lido - massage, followed by watching the sunset during an early dinner at the restaurant. I am not much of an ambiance person myself, but this place never fails to take my breath away at sunset.

          The standard (Lido) has solid food, especially the stuff on the grill, and the view can't be beat. I predict huge points and it might be a free get out of jail free card for the next time you screw up.

          That being said, I have been to both Romeos (a long time ago) and Talula, more recently. I would do Romeos in your situation as I liked the food a little better and it is more romantic than Talula. I, unfortunately, did not go to Gabbiano but have to point out that they did not execute particularly well in Miami before opening this restaurant (but that may not have been their fault either, devil is in the details).

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            Thank you for all of the great input as always. Very happy to see many of the usual suspects whose recommendations are found throughout the board to have given their advice. We live in the Gables, so Romeo's would be a nice location.

            Side question, how is Talula's 7 course tasting with wine pairings and how much do they usually charge for it. Can you add wine pairings at Romeo's?

            1. re: mikek

              Never been to Talula or Romeo's. Il Gabbiano is amazing and has a beautiful view, very romantic. The service is impeccable. Everything is made fresh everyday including the pasta. Definitely share (it's large) the pasta trio as an appetizer.