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May 21, 2001 01:56 PM

Lost in L.A.

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I will be in L.A. for a conference starting the day after Memorial Day. I'll be staying at the Wilshire Grand on Wilshire Blvd. I have no idea where that hotel is, or anything else for that matter. I will not have a car. Any suggestions on places to eat that I can get to easily would be greatly appreciated. I like to eat just about anything that doesn't eat me first. Thanks.

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  1. The hotel is downtown, so you can easily partake of most of the great restaurants in the downtown area. My personal downtown favorite is THE WATER GRILL, one of the best seafood restaurants in the country. WINDOWS MARTINIS AND STEAKS, a few blocks south of your hotel, provides an amazing view of LA (it is on the top of one of the taller buildings in LA.) The food is not incredible, but it is good, and the view makes up for everything else. You might want to at least have a drink there. If you go to THE WATER GRILL, don't miss THE BILTMORE HOTEL just next door, an amazing place to walk around, if nothing else, and it has great clubby bar that is also perfect for a cocktail. It also has an excellent restaurant, BERNARD'S. Personally, I am not fond of the Downtown PINOT (I tried it twice and neither time felt it was worth the money) nor did I like NICK AND STEF's STEAKHOUSE.

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      Get on the Metro and explore some of the varied eating establishments near the stops. Your only limitation is your imeagination.

    2. There is a place across the street from the Hotel called Engine Co. 28. It's a nice comfy place that has a lot of comfort foods (mashed potatos, meatloaf etc) in a cluby dark wood kind of setting. Not to dressy. Also, down at 5th and Figueroa is Ciudad which a terrific but noisy place that serves latin, south american influenced food with beautiful presentation and outstanding flavors. I also like Ciao Trattoria which is on 7th, also close to your hotel. If you just want to grab something quick, there is a CPK directly across the street in a complex called 7th Marketplace, which also has a food court.

      1. There is a metro (subway) right across the street from the Wilshire Grand and you can go to Langer's Deli off MacArthur Park, which many people have spoken about in almost religious terms. If you get off at the Koreatown metro station, you are a couple of blocks away from Cassell's, which has what many consider the best burger in LA.

        I would also consider going to the Pantry in Downtown LA on Figueroa (a couple blocks south of your hotel). This is Mayor Riordan's joint, and is an LA institution.

        1. Eat Japanese food! R23 is in Little Tokyo @ Santa Fe between 2nd and 3rd St. Great sushi. You will not find fresher, more alive sushi unless you're willing to drive for an hour to Gardena (way down south). It is very good. Say "omakasai" and you will be pleased (that means give me what's best). It is not as expensive as sushi in NY or elsewhre in LA, is better. Also there is Kokekkoko--chicken only yakitori that is great. They play Charlie Parker and bebob in the background while cooking liver, heart, gizzrard, extra special heart, breast, skin, cartiladge (soft bone)...A good place. Was better a few years ago but I still eat there once a week. Not to scare you, but it is the one place that you can get chicken sashimi (a delicacy among the "gourmets" in Japan). Its good, but not as good as it used to be. Anyway, you're in LA and its probably the Japanese food capital outside Japan. Eat Japanese. There are so many others...

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            >Say "omakasai" and you will be pleased (that means give me what's best).

            Um, not to quibble, but 'omakasai' isn't a word. Say 'omakase' -- which is "I leave it up to you."

            Deb H.

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              where can I find quality sushi in Gardena?

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                My favorite is Tsukiji. They have some sort of uni connection that other sushi bars do not. Therefore, they serve uni many different ways, e.g. uni nabe--a rich stew of uni and onions, small trays of uni sashimi both raw and broiled with salt. This is a very high quality place that serves to a primarily Japanese clientele and therefore has some unusual stuff. If you say omakase, (yes I misspelled it-thanks for the correction--I know it means chef's choice, but that also implies you get the best stuff) you will find a suprise in your next bank statement.