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Jan 10, 2008 06:45 AM

Zen Burger on Lex

Has anyone tried it? Thoughts/reviews?

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  1. check out there is a whole piece w/pictures on the new spot. also it isn't on lex it is btwn 5th & 6th i believe

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    1. re: fein

      Thanks for the link! FYI, it *is* on Lex actually, between 45th and 46th.

      1. re: kpsquared

        i think i'm thinking of the new goodburger or another new burger joint then. thanks for the clarification.

      2. re: fein

        I defintely passed by a Zen Burger yesterday on Lex. I think it was between 45th and 46th. Maybe there are two? It's a fast food joint, seems almost like a McDonald's for vegetarians - but much brighter lighting.

      3. I tried it for a late lunch yesterday. I love Zen Palate and have been waiting patiently for Zen Burger to open. My wait was absolutely, positively not worth it. I ordered the Southwest Zenburger. When I got it to my office (about 100 ft away), I could hardly wait to eat the nutritional goodness I expected. Instead, I found a burger that makes BK's Veggie look like the db burger. It was topped with three soggy, flaccid onion rings that I promptly threw in the garbage because I couldn't stomach the thought of eating them. The "lettuce" consisted of 5 romaine ribs (meaning the white, hard, not-so-good parts) with absolutely no green in sight. It looked like the green had been cut off. The burger was hard and overcooked and barely more flavorful than cardboard. The bun was surprisingly fresh though.
        It cost $4.61 for that awful sandwich with no sides and I had to wait 15 minutes for it. I will never, ever go back there and will probably boycott Zen Palate for putting out such a shabby product. I wouldn't get excited about Zen Burger.

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        1. re: Ralphus

          What a disappointment. My suggestion would be for new restaurants NOT to do takeout for at least three months after they open. Not to say that all restaurants can't handle it, but c'mon, don't juggle too many hats your first week especially - - you're just gonna get criticism.

          1. re: doona

            To clarify, it is in fact a fast food restaurant and 90% of biz is probably takeout.

              1. re: doona

                I am among the people who tried ZB yesterday and hated it. You can see my comments (Matt) in the midtown lunch thread that was linked above. The fact is, this is vegetarian fast food that is intended to taste like meat. It's unhealthy, fried, breaded, and not organic. My grilled 'chicken' tasted like a sponge. The fries just weren't good, and the shrimp tasted like fried nothing (someone connected with the restaurant responded to my critique of the shrimp by saying they're SUPPOSED to taste like fried nothing. seriously.). The one positive thing is that they offered unsweetened black tea as a soda fountain option. Oh, and it took 18 minutes to get my food (not fast) and left me quite hungry. Other than that, great experience!