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Jan 10, 2008 06:38 AM

Recipes that call for peanut powder/ recipe for chipotle peanut pesto aioli?

This thread tipped me off to Bell Plantations "defatted" peanut powder--it has 25% of the fat of peanut butter, and it's actually quite good taste-wise (I haven't added water yet to see how the texture compares). I think it will be a good lower fat alternative to peanut butter (although, there's always ruth lafler's tip to mix a couple of TBSP of real peanut butter into fromage blanc--I might actually try mixing the peanut powder into fromage blanc to see what happens).

I bought it because I'm trying to mimic Longfellow Grill's (in Minneapolis) recipe for "chipotle peanut pesto aioli," which they serve alongside their sweet potato fries.

But now I'm wondering what kinds of other possibilities there might be? I think it might be good just sprinkled over veggies, though, I haven't tried it yet. But, maybe it would be good for asian peanut sauces? Baking? I don't know. Curious what other folks have tried.

By the way, if anyone knows how to make "chipotle peanut pesto aioli" please post your recipe!


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  1. There's a Taiwanese hot sweet peanut drink/soup where you could probably use that. It's the dessert below:


    I think my mom used to add milk to it, too. It's great on a cold winter day.

    Also, you might be able to mix it w/ sugar and fill glutinous rice balls:

    My mom also finely chops peanuts and mixes them w/ sugar for toppings, like on spring rolls, or taiwanese hamburgers and the powder might work for that, too. Seems like there are a lot of interesting possibilities.

    1. I use peanut powder to thicken curry soups. Adds a nice roasty, peanutty flavour and gives a nice rich mouthfeel without the addition of a lot of fat.

      I also make asian salad dressings with it... a little lime juice, a little fish sauce, some garlic, cilantro, chilis and peanut... add some mirin if you want a little sweetness

      1. I've just been looking around for that very recipe, for a couple of Dutch friends who were visiting, and LOVED it (as do I-- that's why I took them to Longfellow Grill). I just had a note back from the executive chef, saying they don't give out recipes, and suggesting I try Epicurious for something similar.

        However, I think I'm going to take a crack at it myself. My guess is that I'll get pretty close by pureeing some chipotles en adobo with garlic, mixing in some peanut butter, and blending it all with mayo.

        1. I use it all the time, in anything with a liquid or semi-liquid texture. It's also excellent in protein shakes, for those of us trying to boost our protein intake. I'd never in a million years have suspected I would enjoy it, but it's one of those few processed foods that really lives up to its billing. PB2 is the brand I buy. Incidentally, I think it was originally developed to export as food aid, since getting rid of the fat decreases the weight so substantially while leaving the protein and other nutrients.

          1. I'm not sure what this particular peanut powder tastes like -- but I do use my own peanut powder (just throwing peanuts in the food processor) in Indian salads. For example, a really easy one is to shred carrots and mix in chopped chilies, cilantro, lemon juice, unsweetened shredded coconut and the peanut powder, and a tablespoon or so of plain yogurt. If you want, put a tiny bit of oil in a pan, put some cumin seeds in and lightly fry, then add them to the mix. You can do a similiar salad with onion and tomato (in place of carrots). It's really tasty!