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Jan 10, 2008 06:34 AM

Mojave - New near Ditmars

A new restaurant recently opened on 31st street in between Ditmars and 24th avenue. It's where the defunct All-Star Burger and before that Planet Wings was located.

It's called Mojave - just opened on Monday I think. Was wondering if anyone has given this place a try yet?

Looks like it's run by the same people who operage Agave in Manhattan (never been there either).

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  1. have not been but there is a lot of buzz on the website-- mostly positive.

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    1. re: quentinC

      Unfortunately i have to agree with QuentinC. The food wasn't awful...just edible. I was so hoping for a better spot as my fiance lives right by the place. The service Stunk!!! No body knew what they were doing and everyone was running around the dining room like rabbits! Whoever selected the decor should be applauded....beautiful...but if everything else is awful who cares? DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!

      1. re: padrona

        I wound up going - the service was definitely seems like most of the people working there have never been waitstaff before.

        I kinda felt like there needed to be a boss around telling people what to do and there wasn't really anything like that going on.

        I enjoyed my meal though.

    2. I too was hearing all the buzz regarding Mojave. My boyfriend and I have been very excited for the opening and decided to go this past Friday. The restaurant is beautiful; however, the food is mediocre. We ordered the Beef Short Ribs (supposedly the house specialty) and the Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas. Both plates were not seasoned well and the menu indicated that the enchiladas were served with a Salsa Ranchero sauce; however, they were covered in a mole sauce. When I asked the waiter why the menu indicated it had a salsa ranchero sauce when it indeed was served with a mole sauce, he simply stated, "We've only been open for a week. This is a learning experience for the both of us." We also ordered the Sopapillas for dessert which was served with ice cream that could not win a battle vs. low-end store brand vanilla ice cream.
      Although our server was very friendly, for the menu prices and the expectations of bringing a little bit of Manhattan into Astoria, the food was not up to par and neither was the service.
      Very disappointing because Astoria really needs more high scale restaurants and we had high hopes that this was going to be a great one.

      Overall review: Prices were too expensive for quality of products and service. Beautiful ambience.

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      1. re: mushka79

        I'm disappointed to hear the bad review, mushka. I'm supposed to be trying this place this weekend. My mom knows the owner's mom (or some kind of motherly reason she needs to go), so she's eager to check it out. I'll post my review if I make it there.

      2. We were just there for the first time last night. Food was great, margaritas were good and strong and the service was excellent. This is the sister restaurant to Agave in NYC. It compares very well and is much easier to get to for us. I recommend trying it.

        1. this place was awful. i went because my 2 friends like the manhattan agave restaurant. everything was bad--our server kept disappearing, the drinks kept coming out wrong, the guacamole was comprised of 1/2 an avocado..thats it.
          the food was mediocre..and way too overpriced. we ended up paying almost $60/person and it wasnt worth paying even half of that.
          so disappointing, i was looking forward to a fun new reg place !

          1. I'm surprised to see the negative reviews. I've been several times and think it is one of the better "upscale" Mexican/southwest restaurants in NYC. The enchiladas are excellent. Agree that the guac serving is way too small.

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            1. re: colfaxBee

              Shouldn't be surprised. What is surprising is the hype on $15 quesedilla with what looked like pre cooked chx breast is just criminal. Maybe their entrees are a bit better, but after eating their taqueria fair I have not been back.
              And there are far better upscale Mexican spots in the city . My fav right now is 'Hell's Kitchen' in you guessed it, Hells Kitchen.

              1. re: SpiceJunkies

                When it opened, it was pretty good. It's been a long time since I've been there, and the last couple times, for brunch, it was less good. (Yes, their quesedillas are definitely in that category.) Given the huge space, and the rather high rents in that location, it wouldn't surprise me if they're skimping on staff. Certainly their prices are a little high.