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Jan 10, 2008 06:03 AM

Help, lunch at TRAXX or Engine Co No 28?

Hello. I'm taking 2 friends out to lunch and we've not been to either restaurant. The few comments on here sound OK for both. If you've been to either lately, could you please leave a comment as to the food and service etc? Thanks very much.

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  1. Engine Co. 28 has been mediocre to bad when I've been. I've never been to Traxx, so that might be a better option. At Engine Co., the food is really thoughtless and the service is done in a coma. For example, if you ask for "no olives" in a salad, the salad is brought with tons of olives. They'll happily remove them when you point out they forgot, but it's still annoying. Waters are rarely refilled, and I had the worst beef carpaccio I have ever had there. Covered in mayo, no kidding. Any chef who covers beef carpaccio in mayo doesn't know what he/she is doing.

    Try Traxx.

    Clare K.

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      Really, that bad? We've been to Engine Co. 28 a couple times in the last year for pre-theatre dinner and it's been fine. Competent service and competent food. Any special requests were handled properly. Not a destination restaurant. We're going again pre-theatre next week. We keep struggling for a place that has reliable shuttle service and decent, not super expensive food, that my husband and I, and my parents in their 70's who are our theatre partners, can enjoy without stressing. If we have problems next week I'll report back.

      1. re: Clare K

        While I don't agree with Clare on the service being bad at EC28 (our iced teas were never more than half empty before they were refilled), I do agree that the food isn't worth what you'll be paying. Granted, I've only been once, but that was the general consensus around our lunch table. We got there at about 11:15 specifically to avoid a rush, and I'm glad we did.

        If you DO end up at EC, word on the street is that they do comfort food better than more risky dishes. Maybe my downfall was ordering the crab cake sandwich.

      2. The "feel" and pace of the two, particularly at lunch, is different; 28 has much more a feel of being full of people eating business lunch, talking business, and not necessarily paying much attention to their food; Traxx is more leisurely, generally.

        1. I have to say that I have had mixed experiences at Engine Co No 28, but the vegetable plate, as boring as that sounds, is exceptional.

          1. I have lunch @ both and agree w/silverlakebodhisattva both different feels during lunch.
            I enjoyed my last lunch a few months back at Traxx, by sure chance another couple who are very good friends were also having lunch then ran into 3 other friends who had also decided on lunch at Traxx, small world sorta thing.
            service and food good and pretty much had the place to ourselves very relaxing as where ec28 will be a bit more bustling with office workers, plus union station is a tad romantic/nostolgic.

            1. Personally I found Engine Co rather boring (and would certainly agree with the suggestion to go with the comfort food) while Traxx is more entertaining--one of the great settings in downtown LA. Others' opinions of Traxx vary widely, however, and I gather that both food and service are inconsistent. I like to sit inside the terminal and watch the crowds while eating, but others have expressed distaste for the riff-raff that can wander through, I always put in a plug for the Waldorf salad.