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Jan 10, 2008 05:51 AM

lafayette st restaurant

Need a nice, not-too-expensive dinner place on Lafayette St--somewhere that serves a decent glass of wine. Any takers?

Also, there used to be a place down there (maybe on bway) that would be perfect, except all that I can remember is that it had corn on the cob w/ mayo on its app menu. Anyone care to guess that restaurant?


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  1. gonzalez y gonzalez on broadway? last time i went there, i was 14 years old. or maybe mexican radio on cleveland place...

    id suggest ed's lobster bar...great food, nice service, fun place...a bit cramped during prime time but the lobster roll beats pearl's and mary's hands down. good wine too.

    sort of an upscale diner, noho star is still a popular place...its on bleecker and lafayette.

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      i agree on Ed's. Definitely my favorite lobster roll & good wine.

      Nolita House is good & has wine, not far off lafayette

      Noho Star was my other idea too. never looked into wine there...

      1. re: sam1

        I think 14 is just about the perfect age for Gonzalez y Gonzalez, but I wouldn't wish it on any adult. And I would assume wine options don't go much beyond Yellowtail.

        I'm not sure how strictly you meant Lafayette as the location. There aren't a ton of place to eat right there on Lafayette, and those that are are not very good. For wine you might go to Centovini on Houston; for an okay wine list and better food you could go to Jane, but that's a few blocks off of Lafayette.

        How about Savoy, which is one block west on Crosby?

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          I've eaten at Gonzalez y Gonzalez over the years, always as part of a group dinner and was never impressed. but, I just ate there last week and found a few items that were actually good. the ropa vieja was a generous plate but the thing I ordered that was really good is their large ceviche (under apps). At $12.95 one of the more affordable things on the menu and a very generous serving of shrimp, fish, scallops over greens, garnished and dressed and quite quite good. I ate it with the table chips and salsa but you could easily order a side of tortillas if you wanted to construct your own tortillas. I would consider that dish your ace up the sleeve if you ever get dragged there. just a tip.

        2. Acme on Great Jones has corn on the cob with cheese as an app??

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            1. Nolita House is becoming something of a joke. The food quality has dropped significantly since they opened and it seems to me they aspire to be a bar and only serve food because it is a condition of their liquor license.

              1. re: KTinNYC

                Its actually quite the opposite I think. The restaurant is trying to move away from the "bar" mentality and start making quality meals. Try the unbelievable Pork Tenderloin and then try to tell me this place is just a bar.

                1. re: missrae

                  They opened boasting of cheese from Artisanal now they actively seek out "guest bartenders". We will agree to disagree.