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Jan 10, 2008 04:59 AM

Looking for a lunch place near Derry Rd between Missisauga rd and Hurontario. Any cuisine decently priced and good food.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. There's a place on Mississauga Rd. just south of the 401 called Dimmi's...great food and reasonably priced.

    1. That's a desolate stretch of pavement, food-wise. There is the clump of franchises at Miss. Rd and Derry which I suspect you're sick of big-time. On Mavis at Twain(2nd lite N. of Derry) is Lisboa Bakery--a low-key Portuguese mom+pop with a hot table, fresh bread, and solid homestyle dishes.Things pick-up if you can go s.of the 401. There's Kumai(great Japanese)on Hurontario just s. of Britannia. Streetsville, esp. Queen St(Miss. Rd), has several OK lunch joints ranging from Greek/Middle Eastern to old school fish and chips. Others will no doubt add to this very short list.

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        Thanks so much, I'll check them out.

      2. Streetville would be recommendation (just south of 401 turn left on Miss. Rd and follow..)
        Saucy is one of my favorites for upscale/casual but great food, and Cantina Mexicana has great authentic mexican food..I've been there for lunch when there live Mexican singing and dancing happening! Pearl St. Cafe is wonderful for a more intimate lunch and is fabulous.

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          Agreed about Cantina Mexicana - the lady who runs it is Mexican herself, the Guacamole is the real deal, and comes served in a stone mortar, and the Green Tomatillo Enchiladas are very good. Still in Streetsville and further north up Queen Street you can try the only Thai restaurant on the street called Jing Thai, they do a very decent selection of dishes.

        2. Also looking for some new take-out places around here , or places one can go for lunch by themself and not feel out of place

          1. at Mavis and Britannia there is a Nando's chicken which has good spicy portugese chicken and great for take out or a quick bite..also across the street there is a new Vietnamese restaurant that is good for dining Derry and Mississauga Rd is a Shopsy's deli which is good for take out (in the same plaza as Boston Pizza, Swiss Chalet, a Firkin pub and Tosca Italien restaurant..all possible quick take outs)