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Jan 10, 2008 03:33 AM

Akron Dining

I have searched and can't find a post about this, so I am hoping someone can help me. I am taking a trip to Akron, OH and I am hoping to find a good brunch spot as well as good sushi without having to go up to Cleveland. Also, has everyone been to Raj Mahal, it is my must go to whenever I am in the area.

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  1. I live SW of Akron and I cant think of anyplace in Akron proper for brunch. There are some places in Hudson and the hotel on the river in Cuyahoga Falls that might have brunch, but in Akron you would be limited to the chain hotels in Fairlawn, or maybe 1 of Ken Stewart's places.

    I am not the person to ask for sushi, but maybe bumping the tread for the evening might encourage a few knowing responses.

    I love Indian, but I have never heard of Raj Mahal in Akron. The only Indian place I know of was on RT 18/Market St. in Fairlawn.

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      This one is on State Rd., which I suppose is technically the Falls. Same owners, same menu, but I've noticed that they use different preparations. There is usually a good amount of fresh ingredients, ginger, garlic, cilantro. Really good, I think I'll go there for lunch today.

    2. There are only a few great restaurants on in Akron. Kelli is right - Ken Stewart's is fab, but unfortunately they don't serve brunch. They do however, have a wonderful Asian Fusion aspect to their menu along with several specialty steaks (don't know how much you just want sushi).

      As for sushi there are a couple of places to is in the Valley on Smith Rd. and is called Otani's it doesn't look like much from the outside and has those cheesy tables that they cook food on, but the sushi is pretty good (usually doesn't have the inventive rolls).

      Also House of Hunan on W. Market Rd. has a Japenese part to the restaurant - I would recommend this one over Otani's...but I don't know which one will be closer to you.

      The only other really good restaurant is Lannings.

      1. There is great sushi in Akron at Sushi Katsu. It really is the best, and stands up to many sushi bars I've tried elsewhere. Sushi Katsu is in Merriman Valley, in the back side of a little plaza near the Merriman Rd/Portage Path intersection. My second favorite place for sushi in Akron is at the downtown House of Hunan, Main St. and Exchange.

        I'm not one for Sunday brunch, so I'm sure you can get better info from someone else. That said, I'd check out the Mustard Seed Market in Fairlawn.

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          I always like the mustard seed, but I didn't know they had a place to sit down there? I have only ever had stuff delivered??

          1. re: OrderFire

            Both Mustard Seeds have a cafe side that is a full service restaurant. I'm pretty sure they even have wine/beer.

            My fave place in Akron is Luigi's, which I think has the BEST pizza but that doesn't help with sushi and lunch recommendations.

            There's the new Vegi-terranean place (vegetarian place owned by Chrissie Hynde) that's just across the way from Luigi's. I've heard good things about it but haven't yet been myself.

            1. re: rockandroller1

              They do serve wine and beer at the Mustard Seed Cafe.

              I was just at Vegi-terranean. Interesting place. Lovely decor, good service, great concept. I enjoyed a "gardein" chicken marsala dish. I liked the texture much better than when I try to make chicken-like dishes myself from tofu. Surprisingly, I think the food they fell short on were some of the basics like salad, spaghetti, etc. Those things could have been tastier.

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            Sushi Katsu is a great sushi place- I've heard the Sushi chef is the only trained IN japan chef in the area. I also like Sakura in Montrose for Sushi and I heard there's a sushi place in Fairlawn at Miller and Market Str, but I dont know what it is called.

            As for Brunch, I actually signed on here to find a brunch place in Akron! There's a place in Twinsburg called Blue Canyon Ranch that is good, the portions are HUGE!
            There's also brunch at a bar on Cleveland Massillon Road at Gasoline Alley, much more low key, but fun! Good luck!

            You definitely dont have to go to Cleveland for good food!

          3. I live in Copley, just west of Akron. The best Indian food is Saffron Patch in the Weathervane complex in the valley off of Merriman Road. They have a great lunch buffet. Sometimes we go to Raj Mahal in Fairlawn for the lunch buffet but the food is so much better at Saffron Patch. We discovered a fabulous middle eastern restaurant recently - Wafa's - on Embassy Parkway in the rear of an office building. No frills place, plastic plates & plastic silverware but the food makes it worth it. They have homemade lebanese food - grape leaves, tabouli, hummus, baba ganoosh, etc. You can find the menu at and they are only open M-F. House of Hunan in Medina on the square is our favorite. I don't care for the Hunan in Fairlawn. The one downtown Akron is pretty good but since we live on the west side of Akron, it is simpler to head to Medina. We have never tried Sushi Katsu - they are open for dinner only and it is owned by the Japanese husband of a former Akron Beacon Journal food editor. We moved here from Boston 9 years ago & it was quite an adjustment as far as finding ethnic restaurants in the area - not many.

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              Thanks for the restaurant hints. I love Aladdin's in Highland sq. for a fast lunch, but I will try Wafas very soon.

              I have been to Raj Mahal in Fairlawn, but I will try the Saffron Patch.

              Is the House of Hunan in Medina related to the Hunan in Coventry and Cuyahoga Falls?

              1. re: Kelli2006

                I am pretty sure the House of Hunan in Medina is owned by the Suen family and they also have the Fairlawn & downtown Akron locations. I don't think the Coventry or CF location are related. If you like Aladdin's, you will like Taza which is at Eton in Woodmere, off I-271 heading to Cleveland. It is owned by the same family as Aladdin's but Taza is an upscale verison - food is absolutely wonderful.