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Jan 9, 2008 10:58 PM

Worst Las Vegas Restaurant?

What is the worst restaurant on the Las Vegas strip?

I nominate Dick's Last Resort in the Excaliber Hotel. We asked the hotel to recommend a restaurant where we could get dinner and watch the football game on TV. They suggested Dick's just off the casino floor.

We paid $120 for a round of drinks, soggy nachos with canned refried beans, lukewarm broiled salmon with frozen veggies, a bland buffalo chicken salad (the blue cheese dressing was oddly missing any hint of blue cheese) and dried out chicken fingers. (Doesn't that sound appetizing?)

Worse yet, the table next to us kept throwing napkins at one of our party, who happened to be a diminutive Indian gentleman. We asked them to stop three times, then complained to the server, then to the manager Michael. Manager Michael did not approach the offending table. Instead, he said napkin throwing was part of the restaurant's "theme" and he asked us to settle our bill and leave. Nothing comped. No appologies. Apparently, opting out of the "fun" is against the house rules.

Unfortuately, this napkin thowing theme was not explained to us by the hotel when they recommended the restaurant, nor was there any signage at the front of the restaurant warning of the fun awaiting us.

The Excalibur Hotel has been on the decline for a number of years and Dick's Last Resort is proof that they are racing for the bottom. It receives my nomination for worst restaurant on the Las Vegas strip.

Any other restaurants we should be warned away from?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Dick's is known to be outrageously rude. The host should have explained that to you when you were seated. It is part of the fun (if that is fun). It is similar to the obnoxiousness of Ed Debevic's in Chicago or the role playing at The Magic Time Machine in San Antonio/Dallas. Dick is more than just part of the name, its a way of acting.

      That being said, I would never eat there. I've only been to drink at the one in San Diego.

      1. The new Trader Vic's is just awful. High priced food and drinks. Servers who don't care. And not Tiki decor. The food though was the worst. I posted my experience earlier on here. Don't waste your time or money.

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          Please, don't tell me that there's no Tiki decor at the Vegas Trader Vic's! That nails it. I"m not going.

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            did you see this ??


            my latest pick for crappy restaurant is louis' fish camp ...but that can change...

          2. Paymon's - funky smell and even worse vibe upon entering. We stood around for a few minutes without being acknowledged despite making eye contact with a couple of servers. Total suckage...don't waste your time. There's a branch of Hedary's out of Dallas if you need a Middle Eastern fix in Vegas.

            1. While Dick's has to rate right up there, I'd have to say Piero's is the worst place I've been. Had a mediocre meal there 20 years ago when that was about as good as could be expected in Vegas. Expensive red-gravy New Jersey Italian food. Avoided it for years in my frequent business journeys to Vegas until a year ago and ended up there by accident.
              Extremely crowded, inattentive and rude waitstaff, poor ventilation. Watered down liquor. Scampi was near spoiled shrimp with soured garlic. The specialty of osso buco was perhaps the worst dish I've eaten in thirty years: stringy and oddly burned on one half the shank, and near raw the other half.
              When I complained the waiter and manager made like they were Joe Pesci in Casino and accused me of trying to get a free meal. Thank god for the In 'n Out on Paradise.