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May 20, 2001 03:05 PM

Need info on Yee Mee Lu

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I used to go to a Cheinese restaurant/bar called Yee Mee Lu in Chinatown LA. The place looked like you could run into Humphrey Bogart or R. Chandler sipping a beer. There was a small buddhist altar in the center of the bar.

Does anyone remember it? Does anyone know if it is still there or demolished? I appreciate any information.


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  1. Yee Mee Lu has been gone quite awhile.....was on the
    South East corner of Spring and Ord.....I'd say it's been gone for at least 25 it's a pleasure
    to communicate with an old timer as yourself.....
    David Yee was a good operator....good bar and good Cantonese food......and right down Spring Street was another good Cantonese operation..."Hung Far Chin"..
    also up on Ord Street, was the "Limehouse"..these three places all had good first cooks who knew how to use the subtle Cantonese seasoning techniques...
    But David Yee was a very nice fellow....I'll bet he
    had a high stack of IOU's when he closed, cause he was
    known as an easy touch.

    1. The bar from the restaurant is now installed in a restaurant in Glendale on Brand Blvd. named Cinnabar.

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        And Cinnabar closed several years ago. Replaced by the (relatively) new Palate. Whatever happened to the old zinc bar?

      2. they had that window from the street into the kitchen. I used to watch them cook. it eventually led to my starting to cook the stuff myself.
        there's a new building on the sight. no character.

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          I remember going there as a kid with my mom & dad and watching them cook through the window. The food was good, too!

        2. As others on the Board posted old Yee Mi Lows is history, however, I saw Richard (the bartender) at Lucky Bar on the corner of Sunset and Hilhurst in Silverlake. He's a quasi-celeb tending bar over there and they even have a fru-fru frothy blue drink named after Yee Mi Lows there.....cheers!

          1. I'd say it's more like 10 years since Yee Mee Loo closed down. They tore it down and built a minimall on the site last year, and a new restaurant with the same name opened there earlier this month. However, the name is the only thing that's the same. The new Yee Mee Loo is a Chinese buffet restaurant.