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Jan 9, 2008 08:57 PM

Pearl Hotel--Point Loma

Just getting back from Pearl Hotel on Rosecrans....renovated motel that has a cool bar/ restaurant with very good appetizers and entrees. I had the lemon and rosemary free range chicken that was served with swiss chard and garlic mashed potatoes. Very tastey and reasonably priced at $17. Wine list was not bad, though they could probably offer a bigger wine by the glass selection (only 3 or 4 each whites and reds and they were out of the Malbec)...I enjoyed tonight, Wednesday, because it was movie night in which they were showing "American Beauty" on a big screen in the common courtyard overlooking the pool. This is a regular Wednesday event and they will serve dinner outside as you are watching the movie. I enjoyed what I ordered and would go back again.

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  1. I am very pleased to see positive comments about the Pearl. We live in Point Loma and need something new in the rotation. We are also anxiously awaiting the opening of Solare at Liberty Station.

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      Walked down to Pearl, also excited about something added to the boring Pt. Loma scene. They weren'topen for food (it was the day before New Year's Eve) and got a nice tourof the place. It looks a bit like the set of Three's Company, complete with the shag carpet, but they have cleaned the place up and the menu looked interesting. They have special rates for people in the 92106 zip code and the rooms are cheaper after midnight...

    2. Nice to hear a good report - I'm looking forward to checking it out. The movie night thing sounds like fun.

      1. The original comment has been removed