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Good use for honey?

A friend just gave me a large container of honey from her uncle's farm.

I would like to make something with it. Any suggestions other than baklava?


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  1. You are so lucky....you may already know that honey keeps just about forever! I use it in my tea, it's awesome mixed with Greek-style yogurt, in smoothies, etc. A little goes a long way because the sweet flavor is concentrated. People tell me it is metabolized by your body differently than sugar because it is not processed--any nutritionists out there to comment? It still becomes glucose, right? Thanks!

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      I also love honey in tea w/a little bit of lemon.
      You could make a honey cake. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...
      I personally like to enjoy good honey as unadulterated as possible, just drizzled over fruit, warm bread, pita, or in oatmeal. It's also great whipped into butter, or melted with a bit of pb and used to dip carrots in.

    2. Honey can be an ingredient in a number of marinades.

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        I use honey in a glaze of sorts for porchetta.

      2. I love honey (especially orange blossum honey) poured over dry roasted peanuts & eaten with a spoon!!! Also, I agree with a previous poster, it's fabulous poured over greek yogurt.

        1. candied sweet potatoes using honey, orange juice, cinnamon and small pats of butter.

          1. Mango + Honey + Habanero = Deliciousness.

            It makes such a great dip for chicken wings, a sweet dressing for a salad, or brushed over a pork tenderloin.

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            1. Melted honey drizzled over sweet crepes. I filled mine with ice cream and scattered toasted nuts on top. David Lebovitz suggested filling crepes with apricot sorbet or ice cream and drizzling with honey and toasted pistachios. The results were marvelous. Honey would also be great on waffles, pancakes, with croissants, etc. Another suggestion is to make honey ice cream.

              1. This is going to sound bizarre, but i promise, it is good.
                Spread honey on red peppers and grill/blacken. Spread honey on tempeh burgers and grill. Chop em up and put them on pesto pizza. Sounds disgusting but it is awesome. The honey adds sweetness (obviously) and crunch to the peppers and tempeh. I don't know why this works, especially with the pesto, but it does. A vegan cook in a vegetarian restaurant I cooked at turned me on to this.

                1. Honey is wonderful in salad dressings and marinades.
                  What a nice gift!

                  1. Make "syrup teas"
                    Yujacha (citron tea)

                    4 citrons* (available in many Asian markets)
                    1 1/2 cups of sugar
                    1/2 cup honey
                    * May substitute with any citrus fruit
                    *(4 oranges, 5 lemons or limes, 2 small grapefruit, etc)


                    Wash fruit well in cold water.
                    Peel then remove and discard any white remaining on the fruit.
                    Cut peel into thin strips.
                    Segment the fruit.
                    Place fruit and peel in a bowl in layers, covering each layer generously with sugar.
                    Cover and let stand at room temperature for two to four hours. (sugar should be dissolved or be transparent).
                    Place in a jar in layers, drizzling honey over each layer, and close tightly. Refrigerate for one week.


                    Add 1 tablespoon of the syrupy mix to one cup of boiling water.

                    Some other possibles:
                    Honey Ginger (Peel, then slice as thinnly as possible)
                    Honey Quince
                    Honey Plum (sliver fruit without peeling)
                    Honey Jujube (sliver pitted fruit)

                    1. Nothing better than challah or brioche, toasted, with sweet butter and honey.

                      1. Honey vanilla ice cream is fantastic if you have an ice cream maker (just replace the regular sugar).

                        Another favorite: place a round of goat cheese on a thick slice of French bread. Drizzle with honey, EVOO. Sprinkle with salt, ground pepper, and fresh herbs (I like thyme and rosemary best). Toast until goat cheese is melty and browned on top. Eat with mixed greens or as an app.

                        Finally, Moroccan honeyed lamb is a delicious sweet-savory braised dish that will get your kitchen smelling great all day.

                        1. Everyone has great ideas! Here's one for the cold season: honey is a great natural cough suppressant. My husband has treated his nagging cough at night by getting up and taking a big spoonful of honey. Tastes great and soothes the throat and cough long enough to get back to sleep.

                          1. Oooooh, one of my favorites is Stilton (or another high quality bleu chs) on a water cracker and drizzled w/ honey... yum.