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Jan 9, 2008 08:03 PM

Good use for honey?

A friend just gave me a large container of honey from her uncle's farm.

I would like to make something with it. Any suggestions other than baklava?


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  1. You are so may already know that honey keeps just about forever! I use it in my tea, it's awesome mixed with Greek-style yogurt, in smoothies, etc. A little goes a long way because the sweet flavor is concentrated. People tell me it is metabolized by your body differently than sugar because it is not processed--any nutritionists out there to comment? It still becomes glucose, right? Thanks!

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      I also love honey in tea w/a little bit of lemon.
      You could make a honey cake.
      I personally like to enjoy good honey as unadulterated as possible, just drizzled over fruit, warm bread, pita, or in oatmeal. It's also great whipped into butter, or melted with a bit of pb and used to dip carrots in.

    2. Honey can be an ingredient in a number of marinades.

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        I use honey in a glaze of sorts for porchetta.

      2. I love honey (especially orange blossum honey) poured over dry roasted peanuts & eaten with a spoon!!! Also, I agree with a previous poster, it's fabulous poured over greek yogurt.

        1. candied sweet potatoes using honey, orange juice, cinnamon and small pats of butter.

          1. Mango + Honey + Habanero = Deliciousness.

            It makes such a great dip for chicken wings, a sweet dressing for a salad, or brushed over a pork tenderloin.

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