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Jan 9, 2008 08:02 PM

Good value in downtown Media

Looking for good dinner options at $15 or less per person, within walking distance of State St. Any cuisine is acceptable. Thanks!

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  1. Nadia's Noodi Noodle House at the corner of State St and Monroe has excellent food, most of which is under $15 per person. It's also BYOB.

    1. If you like Indian, we love Sheree Punjab, near State and Orange. Staying in that price range is possible - but just for an entree, not including anything else. But their entrees are filling! Or, you could do some of their delicicous naan and chat appetizers, which to me is like a meal.

      We also like Nadia's, already mentioned, but I don't recommend their Pad Thai, I found it too sweet.

      Mrs. Marty's Deli is good for a corned beef sandwich on rye.

      Fellini Cafe is good for basic (not gourmet) Italian, some entrees will be higher than your range but most won't. Someone told me they had a special there the other night, a mushroom ravioli, that they liked very much.

      And of course, for a basic type burger, chicken parm, or salad, there's always Quotations or Iron Hill. I've liked Quotations better so far, but I've only been to Iron Hill once, so it's probably not fair to say.

      1. House on Jackson street off of State would be my choice, but they may close before 6, not sure. It's inexpensive, delicious, and everything I've had there is so fresh. Also they serve the meanest dessert panini.....honey bourbon whipped cream with fresh bananas and nutella over grilled brioche. Seriously this place is worth the visit, but I do have to warn that they only have two tables...and they are always busy during lunch hours....expect a 7-10 min wait during that time.

        I've had Mrs Marty's but I never thought their food was quite that appealing. Their breads seem like they were pre-frozen or just tasted a little off. Maybe I should try that corned beef Laura mentioned.

        I would say my picks other than HOUSE if their not open, would be Nadia's, Sharee Punjab, or maybe even Margaret Kuo's.

        1. My friend, you are SOL. Take it from a guy that has worked in Media for 14 years now. There are no good dinner places there. Mediocre is as good as it gets. Even lunch, aside from House, Nadia Thai (formerly Nooodi) and the occasional Planet Hoagie hoagie, the town is a culinary disaster.