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Jan 9, 2008 07:44 PM

Dinner in Downtown Atlanta

Hi all...

I haven't been to Atlanta in well over 20 years, when I was in high school.

I'll be there soon for business, staying at the Hyatt on Peachtree. Looking for a couple of places that are either walkable, or a short cab for dinner.

$20-30 for dinner (not including drinks, tax, tip). Pretty much open to anything -- no cuisine is out. We'll be a couple of ladies. We love French brasseries, wine bars, good beers. Something that's not too loud. We're open to a place with a great bar where we can have snacks and drinks, too.

We'll be at the Convention Center during the day, so we'll be ready to just relax and hang. Nothing too dressy. Jeans or business casual will be our dress code.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. The French American Brasserie is very close to the Hyatt. It gets mixed reviews -- my experience was that food was good, the service was not as good. But check -- they have a long thread on the place, and people do report that their service experience was fine.

    Mosty, your best bet is going to be places in the southern part of Midtown. See the thread someone just put up about places near the Fox Theatre for hints.

    1. A few suggestions that meet your desires:
      1) the bar at Trois...very cool interior and excellent bar food (sliders, onion soup)
      2) Enoteca Carbonari...Italian wine bar serving only Italian wine and beer with excellent food (small plates of meats and cheeses and more extensive plates too like a Fiorentina steak which you could share)
      3) French American Brasserie fits your needs exactly, but the place gets very mixed reviews and the food is so-so. You could go to the bar for drinks and smaller plates jut to see the place.