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May 18, 2001 07:33 PM

Best Sites for Recipes

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Ok chowhounds, here's another one for you guys.
What are the best Web sites for recipes? And this does NOT mean quantity of recipes! Quality, of course, is the first priority.


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    1. My faves:

      But I would say, mostly I just search through the old usenet archives using the new google groups beta. I can usually find dozens of recipes related to what I'm looking for, then I pick and choose bits from each, according to what ingredients and types of preparation I lean toward.

      1. j
        Janet A. Zimmerman

        If you have the time and patience to do a fair amount of filtering, you can get some great recipes from a site called The Kitchen Link ( One of the boards on the site, called the copycat board, is a very eclectic and not very even mix of recipes. About 3/4 are so-called "copycat" recipes for dishes from mediocre restaurant chains. But a smaller percentage consists of unique, interesting and mostly very tasty sounding recipes from a variety of restaurants nationwide, culled from the online versions of newspapers and magazines. Fortunately, it's very easy to tell one from the other as almost all the recipes include the name of the restaurant (e.g., TGI Friday's Jack Daniels steak sauce). But, as I said, it does take some time and effort to weed out the dreck.

        1. I use regularly, but my favorite recipes come from Sunset magazine (

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            I love Sunset Publications!

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              I know what you mean about "Sunset". I must have every recipe booklet they have published in the last 30 yrs. Some of my best recipes have come from their books.

            2. I'll post a link for you on the General board. pat

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                Thanks, Pat.

                It must have been really hard for you to have simply posted it here.

                Why do people have to make things so difficult?

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                  Caitlin McGrath

                  She posted it on General Topics becausr it's a general topic, not an LA-specific topic. She was following the site's posting guidelines. I'm sorry it was so hard for you to click to another message board.