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Jan 9, 2008 06:39 PM

Lucky Three - NO evening dimsum buffet?

Went by Lucky Three following the siren call of its "Dimsum Lunch Dinner Buffet 7 days" neon sign.


I had gone by a few evenings ago and found the place deserted except for two servers - figured "well, maybe a holiday thing that went bad, maybe a banquet party's just about to arrive, I'll get Ethiopian, what the heck."

Tonight I had my boys, one of whom had tolerated my dimsum obsession as long as he could order kung-pao chicken off the menu (and he liked their version a lot.) Empty except for one other couple at 8pm - "no buffet?" "Buffet at lunch."

How does a place stay open with no dinner crowd? What happened to the new expanded buffet evening hours?

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  1. Lucky 3 didn't seem busy enough the one or two times I went during the dinner buffet. How were they in the evenings before launching the buffet? They have a huge space but the non-dim buffet reputation doesn't seem strong enough to keep it busy. (The same owner/manager used to run Hope Kee? in Clarendon -- the location, late hours, good focus, and moderate size ensured it was busy all the time.)

    1. If they want a Chinese or Asian clientele, then a dim sum menu for the dinner hours is a non-starter. Dim sum is lunch or brunch, not hearty enough for the evening meal. How many American restaurants can survive on only a lunch menu for dinner business?

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        I know of only two Chinese restaurants in the country that serve an array of fresh dim sum at dinner, Dim Sum Go Go in Manhattan Chinatown and Dim Sum King in Daly City, CA, which has a supplemental non-dim sum menu. You don't see authentic dim sum unless there's an existing base of Chinese customers, and most Chinese aren't interested in eating dim sum at night. Some Chinese buffets may have a small selection of dim sum at night time, but it's not a featured item.