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Jan 9, 2008 05:42 PM

Best ribs in the district?

Looking for great ribs in the D.C/Bethesda/Silver Spring area. Any recommendations? All the places in prior post seem to be way out there. PLEASE, any good recommendations are highly appreciated. I have been searching for good ribs here and just can't find them :(

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  1. Hate to say it, Rib Pit on 14th St NW is sorta maybe ok if you have a rib attack.Or Rockville's Urban BBQ. But your best bet in DC or Silver Spring etc is to find a local food store, buy some and then watch the Food Channel or read up on line and cook your own. Sooner or later Red Hot & Blue, or Famous Dave's will open up a shop in Silver Spring, or maybe Wheaton. Some like that sort of Q. And it is consistent. The rest are baby back, some old timers call these Kangaroo ribs, precooked slathered in sauces. Many hounds will offer up spots I'm sure, but once you have the old time Q, you wont be able to stand any local city BBQ. That may convince you to go find a Zip-Car for that drive out of town.

    1. DC rib joints either don't use smoke (essential for bbq), boil the meat, or drown it in some sickly sweet sauce.

      I'm with RobertM. Once I started smoking my own, (which is not that difficult) I realized how poor the local product really is. If you can't manage that, Zip-Car is a small investment for decent quality ribs. KBQ in Bowie is about a twenty minute drive from downtown.

      1. I have eaten ribs at: Adam's Ribs, Red Hot and Blue, Famous Daves, Houston's, King Street Blues, Urban BBQ, Rocklands (I live in NOVA) etc etc (didn't get to have them at Mighty Midgets).

        Although I have had much better down south and normally just wait till I go the best I have had in this area you want (SS, etc) so far is Urban BBQ. Although there are a lot of places I haven't tried yet. Keep us updated!

        1. I'm also an Urban fan. And Dixie Bones, based on only one visit, however.

          What do you hounds think of the Texas-themed Capital Q, as to ribs? I kinda like it, although I've had better in Texas (and I've had worse there, too). I admit, I may have had my opinion swayed by the fantastic pickles they had (which lately have disappeared).

          OT, but the best I ever had were in Kilgore, TX at The Country Tavern. Pork ribs--in beef-centric Texas--but darned good anyway.

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            I am not a rib expert by any means nor am I a Texas BBQ girl, but I thought Urban blows Capital Q out of the water with both rib quality and the sides. They have very authentic (to me) cornbreadat Urban that is moist, sweet and so good, and I actually like their cole slaw it isn't as sweet as some Southerners make it, and I enjoyed it a lot. But again I am biased for being a Carolina BBQ kind of girl... And I don't like pickles sooooooo...

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              I was going to suggest Capital Q myself. I haven't been there since I retired in 2000, but I used to walk up there for lunch now and then. Not fabulous, but probably the best texas style BBQ in DC proper.

              I've been wanting to try Urban BBQ, but I'm practically never in Rockville and it's just too much of a trek from Falls Gulch. Given that Capital Q and Urban BBQ are quite a ways apart, perhaps Looking4's concept of where "DC/Bethesda/Silver Spring" actually is will suggest which he should try first.

            2. Has anyone tried Red Line Grill in Takoma Park?

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                Urban BBQ in Rockville is the best I've found in the D.C. metro area.