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The " Feasty Boys" Beer, Bacon, Butter and Better don't forget the cheese

Has anyone seen this on the travel channel? Its like two Paula Deens.....

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  1. Two fat guys?

    How I miss "Two Fat Ladies"; these guys don't look like fun, they just look "in your face" forced ...

    1. I saw the commercial either during or after the Bourdain show on Monday; and like Richard, I thought the delivery in the clips were forced. Not something I'd want to watch. But....I also don't think I'm their demographic.

      1. imagine guy fieri and paula deen having twins! thar' ya go!

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          Aaarrgghhh.. there's an image I don't need...

          How could I even think about watching the show now? (And I like Fieri...)

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            When I first saw the commercial, I thought of the Deen boys. But now that you mention the Guy Fieri and Paula Deen love-twins -- you're right on the money.

          2. I saw a piece of the show and it was horrible....do we really need a show with two overweight guys cooking really fattening food?

            don't get me wrong, I love my chicken wings, burgers & fries, fish and chips platters too but with the obesity levels so high do we really need to have this on TV? is it really entertainment?

            and why is the TRAVEL channel airing their show?
            I don't know...those guys must know someone or someone owed them a favor and put them on TV.

            I just change the channel...

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              I caught 15 minutes of it last night. It is not my thing. It was really difficult to listen to the food part with all the yelling and hee-hawing going on. I definitely think they're going for the Paula Deen demographic. I'm sure Paula has some wonderful stuff, but I can't watch her because of her antics. Same thing with this show.

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                Why do we need to judge them because of their weight? These guys love to cook and love to eat. I'd say that being overweight might be a hazard of the job. I've bought their cookbook and have tried their recipes. They're good, they're simple and I always get compliments. Moderation is the key (which I have the luxury to do but maybe in their line of work, they don't). I'm glad they put things together that prioritize taste first and let the rest of us worry about how to stay healthy and eat a balanced diet.

              2. Ever since that disgusting guy who eats live creatures, I stay away from the Travel Channel.

                Do these guys eat live animals too?

                Where is Julia Child when we need her.

                1. that's it, linguafood, the FN is now into self-help: helping us keep our new year's resolutions to diet!

                  1. going from preachin' to meddlin':

                    now everyone, terp lover has a right to his opinion (even though he called me a hypocrite for liking my momma's biscuits with gravy).

                    terp lover had his say, and he likes the feasty boys. obviously, the travel channel is betting terp lover is one of millions. ok, we all have different tastes. and yeah, we can and do get snarky. but let's not lose perspective; everyone does not have to agree with everyone else. what's the fun in that?. i mean, terp lover is a new hound. he will either love chowhound or not bother with us.

                    it is just mid-january in a new year. let us recall the holiday spirit..... being gracious and thankful for this opportunity for lively and civil discussion.

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                      I don't know about anyone else but I watch most of these for sheer entertainment value. I'm no more going to cook one of Paula's mayonnaise and butter surprises than I would run to Outer Franistan for boiled bat wings. If I want to learn something I'll watch Nigella Lawson or maybe Rachael Ray (once I take a shot of insulin).

                    2. Folks, We regret having to prune this thread heavily. Please avoid bashing TV hosts based on their looks and/or other non-food related criteria. Comments on the content of the show, like dishes they prepare, are fine. Please see http://www.chowhound.com/topics/334317 for more information. We thank you for your cooperation.

                      1. i watched last night.

                        peppers in new mexico.

                        they picked peppers. i never heard them say the KIND of peppers they were picking. so many opportunities to provide tons of interesting/useful info on peppers, harvesting, products , etc. opportunities LOST.....

                        their food looked gloppy and greasy.

                        sorry, but there is too much shouting. they seem amiable, but i agree it all seems a little forced. i hope travel channel does not go down the fn path on this over-the-top clowning...

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                          Obesity is a serious health problem in this country...serious. I've known lots of chefs and most of them are not obese. Work in a busy kitchen and you won't be fat..no time to eat and if you do, you work it off! There might be a few "executive chefs" who get fat..I'm just saying.

                          I didn't like the show...for many reasons.

                        2. Worst cooking show ever!

                          1. I've seen the commercials. I thought they were ridiculous. I'm so not interested in this show.
                            I guess TN is trying to cash in on some of FN's popularity now.


                            1. My channel flipping hit this show last night. I caught 30 seconds of them making jambalaya with the Mayor of Green Bay in the parking lot of Lambeau then a commercial came on of them putting Pace salsa on sliced baguette with bagged shredded mozzarella. Click. On to the "Celebrity Eye Candy" musical ode to Britney, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Now THAT was redeeming.

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                                If you actually pay attention to the commercial, they reference using ground beef, pork and salsa as they grate fresh cheese in the background? Sounds pretty tasty to me. I'll take two regular guys tailgating with the Mayor of Green Bay with real food over someone choking down boiled bull testicles in some 3rd World country anyday.

                                1. re: TerpLover

                                  I prefer my bull testicles deep-fried with a good dash of hot sauce.

                                2. re: MSPD

                                  OK...I form my opinion of restaurants on several visits to be fair, so I gave this show another look-see last night. They were harvesting cranberries in Massachusetts and I thought it was interesting and informative.