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Jan 9, 2008 05:40 PM

Berkeley/East Bay rehearsal dinner recs?

We're looking for a place in Berkeley/East bay for a rehearsal dinner--maybe something with a view and a private room? Maybe Japenese? We're doing a Chinese banquet for the wedding, so East Ocean wouldn't work--it would be a mix of Chinese and American guests.


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    1. re: JasmineG

      I think maybe 50 or so? There's a lot of us and lots of out of town guests...

      1. re: guavagirl

        A relatively recent thread suggested Eccolo, but I'm not sure if you want to spend that much, and they may be too small for you:

        Here's another thread where someone was looking for dinner for 50 people, though it was a little more casual:

        You're probably not going to find good food and a private room and a view, but you can likely find two out of three at some of the places in those threads. What's your budget?

    2. A view, private room and Japanese food will be hard to find.

      Here are a couple of places down in that area w/ a view and private room -- but lacking in the good food dept.

      There's also Hana Japan -- a teppanyaki(sp?) place. Don't know if they have a private room/view.

      1. Trader Vic's in Emeryville has a private room with a deck and a gorgeous bay view. Their room seats more than that, but they'd probably accomodate a 50 person party (we're doing 60 in August). It's not Japanese, but does have an Asian influence.

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        1. re: milklady

          Our rehearsal dinner last August was at Trader Vic's. They have two private rooms. The larger one (the one we used) has a private deck with a beautiful view. The site was perfect. I just wish the food was a little better for what we paid.

          Some other options we considered:
          Berkeley Faculty Club
          Skate's (too small I think)

        2. Places with views in the East Bay...Skates in Berkeley, Doubletree Hotel in Berkeley banquet), Chevy's in Emeryville, Jack's Bistro and Scott's Seafood (they'll do a little tent in the gets cold in there, though) in Oakland Jack London Square. Yoshi's is right by the water (no view, though). I heard that there's some new restaurant where Old Spaghetti Factory used to be.