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Jan 9, 2008 05:31 PM

New Chinese place in Minneapolis/St Paul

Guang Zhou is now open in the Twin Cities, at Highway 10 and Central Avenue. I have to rank this up there with Little Szechuan and Tea House. Please check it out so it stays open, it is close to me.

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  1. Is that way up there in Blaine? It's nice to know that there's a good option besides Carol's home-cooked American food. Good Chinese food is rare in those parts.


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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      Sorry for asking, but my Twin Cities geography still has some major gaps--which suburb is this place in? In Blaine as Anne asks?


    2. Now that I've been to Guang Zhou a couple times I need to follow up to this post.
      I agree with Chow11, I want it to stay open too.

      Not long after this posting first appeared I tried takeout and had the pan fried
      noodles with chicken. Very tasty, good quality.

      This past Saturday my wife and I went there for dinner. I had the Szechuan chicken
      which I was very impressed with. Good flavor, respectably spicy and very good quality
      white meat chicken, vegetables were properly cooked and not overdone. My wife was equally impressed with the Szechuan kung pao chicken.

      We will definitely be going back. By the way, its location is on the north side of Hwy 10 and Central Av. right next to the Nicklows cafe/bar.

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      1. re: nas1

        I'm confused where it is. First, which Highway 10 are we referring to? There are two - the old one that runs past Northtown and the new one which is north of there.

        Second, Nickalow's is closed - it used to be on Central just north of 694 in Fridley.

        1. re: pgokey

          Good point about the highway 10s. It is the old Hwy 10 that goes by

          There must have been more than one Nicklows in the past, the one I was
          talking about is called "Nicklows Cafe and Bar" which definitely appeared
          open. See Going by their website, they
          say they say this area is in Spring Lake Park.

          I couldn't find Guang Zhou's address but I see that Nicklows bar/grill
          next door is at 8466 Central Ave NE, Spring Lake Park. Type this into
          google maps and it finds the area properly. Don't use the map link on
          Nicklow's website, it points you to the wrong place for some reason.

          1. re: nas1

            Yeah, I was past there not that long ago, and saw both places. There used to be a Nicklow's off of Moore Lake Drive - it's now a crab house of some kind.

            I'm going to have to try Guang Zhou's - sounds intriguing.

      2. We checked out Guang Zhou for lunch on Thursday. What a great place! They have a buffet at lunch time. They do it a bit different. They serve you individually at your table. Really a nice touch. Everything was excellent. A great dish is the Beef black pepper tenderloin in brown sauce. I would order that without a doubt some evening. For those that like Little Szechuan's Chung King Shrimp, they have it under another name. You would have to ask for it because I can't recall what it is called. I believe the owners son told us his father was a chef at the Tea House prior to opening his own restaurant.