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Jan 9, 2008 05:27 PM

ISO - Best pho is Tampa

Where is the best pho is Tampa?

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  1. we eat at Pho Quyen on the corner of Hillsborough and Memorial about 3 times a month. I love their pho and pretty much everything else I have ever eaten there. Lately we have been getting their salt calamari and make your own rolls. They have a location on Fowler too but I have never eaten there as I am rarely in that area and if I am and want Vietnamese I go to Trang Viet Cuisine. I like Trang too but have never had the Pho there.

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    1. re: rhnault

      I'm happy with Pho Quyen on Fowler - my location of choice as it's near my house - but I'm interested in trying other locations as I've heard they aren't known for it and that there is better pho in the area.

      1. re: TampaAurora

        Pho Quyen. Trang's is good as well, but is not as robust. Trang's is great for other dishes, but for Pho, I go to Pho Quyen.

        1. re: andy huse

          Another good soup at Pho Quyen we recently discovered is the spicy shrimp soup on their appetizer soup menu. You will feel truly invigorated and healed after a bowl!

    2. PHO QUYEN's pho tastes exactly like dishwater...really ! the place is a joke...that little saigon place across the street (Fowler) is a bit better

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      1. re: surgeon

        I guess dishwater must taste good then though I have never been tempted to try it.

        1. re: surgeon

          never seen you on the boards before. Perhaps you could enlighten us as where to find better dishwater. I've been to Saigon Bay many times--- anything else?

          1. re: andy huse

            Besides making it yourself with easily obtainable ingredients, you will be always disappointed in Viet Restaurants. Even in VN, it's hard to find good viet food ! I have a favorite in West Palm that is fantastic (Luckily I live in that area). So start looking at top cookbooks and make your own...far better than any restaurant

          2. re: surgeon

            surgeon, i agree. the place smells like dirty dishwater to me also.

            1. re: travelnfood

              you guys must be speaking of Fowler, not Memorial

              1. re: travelnfood

                but it doesn't taste like dishwater...

                1. re: andy huse

                  I think I'll be having some "dishwater" on Hillsborough and Memorial this weekend ; )

                  I am also happy to be informed that Vietnamese folks in Vietnam do not know how to cook Vietnamese food!

                  1. re: rhnault

                    This is true....same for all foods and nationalities i think. I'd be a happy girl if all Italians made excellent pizza!

                    1. re: travelnfood

                      I was not referring to Nationalities I was referring to "nations". The above poster stated it was hard to find good Vietnamese food in VietNam...

                      1. re: rhnault

                        Trust me, it's hard to find good vietnamese food from vietnamese People also!

                  2. re: andy huse

                    maybe the smell of dishwater makes it taste like dishwater.

                    Has anyone tried the place on the corner of Waters and Dale Mabry, in the little strip plaza? I haven't had the pho, but the other dishes are excellent. It's a little restaurant/cafe inside an asian grocery store. the Bahn Mi is excellent also.

                    1. re: travelnfood

                      Funny you should ask, because I was about to say that the little place in the strip shopping center on Waters @ Dale Mabry (the east side of DM) has the best pho I've had in Tampa, including the Pho Quyen that used to be nearby (and which never served anything that remotely tasted like dishwater; in fact their spring rolls rolls were so good we ordered a couple dozen for a party once). Wish I knew the name but you can't miss it; it's a restaurant and smallish grocery store all in one, with only a few tables. It was recommended to me by a Vietnamese guy who says it's the best in town. And while I haven't been to Vietnam, the notion that you can't find any good Vietnamese food there seems patently absurd. I assume it was hyperbole intended to make a point about the superiority of home cooking. Or maybe just to be provocative. Whatever. Opinions are personal. But I'll take Anthony Bourdain's word for it: "you don't have to go looking for great food in Vietnam. Great food finds you. It's everywhere."

                      1. re: Bergerman

                        I have been in the market there but not eaten there. Do they also have the sandwiches?