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Uptown Oyster Bars

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I'm coming at the end of January (Radiator's 30th Anniversary !!!). Wanna eat all of the FATTEST raw oysters Uptown New Orleans has to offer. Staying across from Pascal's & expect to make an obligatory pilgrimage to Casamento's. Any Oyster Bars Uptown that I shouldn't miss ? Cheers !

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  1. Pascal's. Felix's on Magazine (stand at the oyster bar) Cooter Browns but, IMO Felix's FQ and Bozos are better.

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      Felix's on Magazine has closed. I hear the ones at Saltwater grill aren't bad and they have some special as well...but cannot vouche for myself.

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        There was a Felix's on Prytania until last Saturday. On Sunday, that space re-opened as La Thai, a branch of the Metairie La Thai I think. The menu looks good. All the apps you would expect, between $5 and $9. Entrees about $12-$16. I'll report back as soon as I try it, probably this weekend.

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          that's what I meant...prytania, not magazine...I am very anxious to try the thai place.

    2. Had lunch at Casamento's yesterday, and it was absolutely, perfectly, the SAME. A dozen raw, a fried trout sandwich, a shrimp sandwich, a Barq's longneck, a cup of cafe au lait....If I could bottle that feeling & sell it to displaced New Orleanians, I'd be rich. Note: it was rather slow on a Wednesday afternoon (down to just three tables occupied an hour before closing), so if anyone out there has been reticent due to perceived crowds, don't hold back.