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May 18, 2001 09:14 AM


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Well this was far from great, but last night my husband and I went to Anna's on Pico in West LA. Wow the food was boring. The bread was nice and our mains were fine but the sides (veggies and pasta) were disgusting. The veggies seemed boiled in butter and the pasta tasted like it was from a can. The only really good thing was the spumoni, but at $4.50 a slab that is a ridiculous price. The mains we had were over $20, I thought the place was extremely overpriced for such poor quality of food.

I remembered going there as a kid because we lived near there so I thought I'd try it again because we wanted to try something different in our 'hood. I should have trusted my instincts.

The service was good though.

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  1. Anna's is a regular stop on our local list of close and easy to get into places. I concur with your side dish diss, but if you go enough you learn what works and what doesn't. My wife likes the tagliatelli pasta chiati verde (sp?). My son likes the rigatoni bologenese (sp?) and I am fond of a couple of their pizza's, the Yaneeze Special, (which is meatless, with blue, parmigiana and mozarella cheese and onions), and a combo with meatballs, sausage and double mushrooms. They do a very nice blue cheese dressing for their salads, if you like it with plenty of olive oil and a ton of very sharp crumbled blue cheese. We also like their garlic bread a lot. We always ask to sit in Jose's section. He has to be one of the nicest, most professional and helpful waiters in LA. Gourmet dining, no. A comfortable booth along with a friendly neighborhood restaurant with some good choices, yes.