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Jan 9, 2008 04:33 PM

Dinner near Carlsbad Palomar Airport?

Does anyone have recommendations for dinner near the Carlsbad Palomar Airport or east of there (on the way towards Escondido)?

We have some family flying in from England who are, for some odd reason, arriving at Carlsbad rather than at Lindbergh. They appreciate everything from haute cuisine to the most Joycean organ-meat dishes (e.g., when they visited us in North Carolina once they thoroughly enjoyed a plate of chitlins). Just as long as it meets Chow standards! They're arriving just at rush hour, so we figured, why not wait out the traffic at a nearby restaurant. If there is anything good in the vicinity.

I know there's good stuff towards the coast in Carlsbad but we'd rather head eastward from the if possible so as not to have to backtrack.


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  1. Do you want fancy or casual? The nearest place I can think of is going to Aviara for dinner. When you mean east, do you mean near the 78? The restaurants near the outlets are very close by too.

    1. Palomar Airport Road eventually becomes San Marcos Blvd as you head East from the airport. There is Restaurant Row on your left as you head towards Hwy 78 but some other Chowhounds who live near there would have to let you know of any hidden jewels in there. A real good place to try is Carmela's. I would bet that it's been mentioned on these boards by someone and it is on the frontage road near Hwy 78. Great Italian food that I've enjoyed every time I try it!