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Jan 9, 2008 04:10 PM

T.C. Lando's Hudson location

I like picking up every so often, or even eating in when the dining room is clean enough, but one thing they have to work on is their customer service. Unless one of the brothers are there, you won't get a hello when you walk in. Tonight, for example, the employees were shooting the breeze and the last thing they cared about was a customer that was standing right in front of the counter near the register. Finally, as per norm, I got half a look and I was able to quickly squeeze in, "Picking up a Smokey Joe." The woman acknowledged my order but I never really got an official response about it. A "hold on" would have been fine. After it was ready and I had paid, a "thank you" would have been nice too. I know that customer service is not Lando's selling point, but I expect a basic level.

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  1. That is so unfortunate... bad or unfriendly service sticks to a place. You end up not going back. I will say that the new Lando's in Clinton, MA is very good - the service is friendly, prompt and well orchestrated. They were slammed when they first opened and the place is very tiny... still with the place full of bodies and orders they still managed to keep everything in order and were nice at the checkout.

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      Question, do the other Lando's locations charge extra for veggies on a sub like in Hudson?

      1. re: Joshua B

        Joshua.. we have only gotten pizza at the Clinton location, no sandwiches yet.

    2. The hudson location does not charge extra to put veggies on there subs.