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May 17, 2001 12:26 PM

French -- the new Italian?

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This is a kind of a p.s. to the Lily's post...

Am I the only one getting sick of French food? Five or six yrs ago it seemed like you couldn't find a decent French meal in this town. At the same time, there was some trendy new trattoria on every corner. And if another person suggested dinner at Farfalla I was going to vomit my vongole. But now, after eating onetoomany times at Buchon and Figaro and Cafe Stella, all so charming and French upon first visits, I'm beginning to yearn for the days of pesto and putanseca. Dinner at Angeli -- the ur-80s Italian -- is a relief. Any thoughts on L.A. continental food fashion, anybody? (Board-watchers, if someone's already covered this, please forgive.)

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  1. I think 80's Italian will beat out French in the long run because it's healthier and just as satisfying. The French trend was a nice follow up to the Italian, but your're right, one can tire easily of it's heaviness and reliance on animal fats.