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Jan 9, 2008 03:47 PM

kosher truffle oil

I would love to use truffle oil. Does anyone know of a kosher brand?

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  1. There is currently only two brands which are readily available selling WHITE truffle oil. Black truffle oil hasn't been around for a while. The brands are: Dallasandro: this is available in a couple places in brooklyn, and I have seen it in monsey. IT IS HORRIBLE....STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
    There is also another brand ASARIO which is very nice. Just as good as non kosher brands...
    Be forewarned....most of the oils are made with essence not actual truffle....
    And also be is not a taste for everyone....
    Personally I hate truffle oil, but happen to love truffles

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    1. re: superburns

      I'd be very appreciative if you could tell me where to find the Asario (Asaro?) brand - in a bricks and mortor store OR a webstore. I tried to look it up but didn't succeed in finding where to purchase it. Thanks!

      1. re: deejw

        It's Asaro and it is sold at Park East butchers. I found it online easily and quickly.

        1. re: deejw

          Asaro...i usually get the name wrong. had it for a while, i believe they are out of stock. I have seen it at fairway and zabars.

          1. re: deejw

            I just found it at the new Fairway on the UES

        2. asaro white truffle oil as per the ou has an unauthorized ou symbol and is not kosher

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          1. re: a.h.

            I don't think that is correct. Only the Pasta and Pesto sauce from this company seems to have an unauthorized ou symbol:


            1. re: jl1122

              It is kosher according to the ou website

          2. If you care to, you can make your own. Just buy the truffle, they are available in season at the shuk,or wherever, clean it very well, slice it and store it in a bland oil, like unrefined canola or a very light extra virgin oo. Give it a while to flavor the oil, it is delicious.

            1. only the delasandro iscertified, everything else is bad hechsherim. however most treif truffle oil sucks as well. we use the delasandro its not horrifically worse than what i used to use in non kosher. truffle oil is generally all synthetic (even when they stick a slice of summer truffle in the bottom) & best when used sparingly. if your in bk you can buy it at Benz's in CH or Pomegranete in Flatbush, & if your really hard up Ill sell you a bottle.

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              1. re: Moishefrompardes

                The Delasandro is paint thinner.
                ASARO White Truffle Oil is 100% Certified by the OU. Confirmed.
                It is sold at Zabars and ALL FAIRWAY STORES!

                It is far superior to most others. It is made with true truffle essence, not the poison they put in the Delasandro bottles.

                1. re: glattpiggy

                  Can someone provide updated info as to which brand(s) carry a hechsher, where to purchase and an opinion on taste?

                  The new Pizza da Solo offers a pizza with truffle oil. I wonder which brand they use?

                  FWIW, I haven't seen any kosher varieties at the Fairway in Pelham.

              2. Sabantino makes kosher truffle oil as well as truffle salt and truffle honey. Ou kosher

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                1. re: koshergourmetmart

                  How is the quality of Sabatino black and/or white truffle oil? Moshe, do you have an opinion?

                  1. re: KosherKing

                    my opinion is that all truffle oil is kind of blah but if used sparingly in can amplify a dish. none of the truffle oils are real they just put little truffle flecks inside to look real. if you want real truffle flavor, splurge on truffles. but do it through a reputable source because by the time they get to the american market your getting what the Europeans didn't buy up. personally id rather splurge on some stinky cheese or age some lamb till its funky if I want that kind of earthiness.

                    1. re: Moishefrompardes

                      Hey Moishe - I like your suggestions. I'd be scared to age meat to the funky stage. How does that work?

                      1. re: deejw

                        We just leave it in the fridge in cryovac till it gets funky or if you have an under utilized fridge you can dry age it, just make sure the meat your using has air circulating around it. and use larger untrimmed(youll have to trim it later) cuts like a full rack of lamb. the wet age for racks work great.

                    2. re: KosherKing

                      laura frankel of wolfgang puck catering in chicago as well as the former owner of shallots told me that the oil was "delish"