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Jan 9, 2008 03:42 PM

Interesting Bourdain interview

My husband sent me this link. Yes the interview is long-ish, but a good one


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  1. I thought it was great. You can't miss mixing Ramones and bamboo noodles, IMO. The comments after the interview are fun as well. Rather than reply to that long thread about getting sick of Bourdain, I'll just say here that I've actually watched several episodes several times and still enjoy them. Not the Namibia one, though. As he notes in the interview, it was pretty disgusting.

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    1. re: Pete Oldtown

      He always gives great insightful interviews. This one is also really good, I like the way the interviewer talked about nusic and the Ramones, there is considerable symmetry in the pairing of Bourdain and punk rock.

      Its kind of interesting about his experience on Top Chef. I can see him hanging with Colicchio, I wonder what his take on Gail is.

      1. re: Phaedrus

        I knew Johnny Thunders a little bit, and I can't picture him eating much more than a few cokes and some candy bars. Sitting down for a fancy French dinner...notsomuch. Drugs tend to take away appetite. Hard drugs, anyway.

        Since the Ramones, apart from DeeDee, were pretty much straight, and spent a lot of their time traveling internationally, I can picture them being a lot more appreciative. I remember Joey bitching mightily when they got back from England one time about not being able to find anything to eat, and having to live on fries. He was happy to be back in NYC.

        I remember when they finally tossed us out of CBGB's, the bands and half the audience would invade Chinatown and order half the menu at random, since it was the only place still going at 5 a.m.. Up until the punk rock days, the only Chinese I had experienced was the egg foo yung and spare ribs version. Suddenly, I was getting platters of chicken feet.

        1. re: Pete Oldtown

          If you knew Thunders I can understand how this interview would seem incredulous ... in so many ways.

          I enjoyed the coy hand-wringing over endorsements while dropping the Imodium reference; chains, airlines ... fuh! ... pharmaceuticals ... a fit with ka-chinnnng - brilliant.