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May 16, 2001 11:27 PM

Langer's - as good as I've heard

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Don't mean to start a thread-- the Langer's pastrami thing has been done to death.

But here:

I have gone to plenty of places that people in this group have suggested. Further, I have gone to lots of places that were suggested in the Usenet group la.eats. I have perused zagats and clicked through cuisinenet.

Finally, I bought Counter Intelligence, by our good friend Jonathan G., and made a vow to self and girlfriend to visit every place in the book, because I like the way the guy writes and I think my taste is similar to his. Except for some stuff. Like The Living Fish Center and brain tacos.

To date, I think I have visited 40 or so spots from all but zagats which I abandoned months ago, and today was the first time that my reaction actually exceeded my expectation by a mile.

Most of the other places suggested by each medium were right on target. But Langer's went beyond.

I will not describe the Pastrami sandwich, as such a description has been typed and re-typed, duplicated like a 4th generation party-flier.

I will only say that my friend and I, two out of work Santa Monica dot-com expatriates, each took one bite of our #10's, looked across the table from each other, shook our heads, and didn't say another word to each other until each of us had finished one half of our respective sandwiches.

p.s. the inside of the corn rye was as soft as bread is when it comes straight out of the oven-- perhaps, in the end, what sets this incomparable sandwich apart.

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  1. Glad to know you enjoyed your experience there. I know have! About 50 gazillion times.

    You're right-- it's the bread. And the pastrami is garlicky, too.

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    1. re: fern

      And that creamy russian dressing. Yum!

      1. re: Eastsider

        I moved away from LA in 92 and have not been back since. All this talk reminded me of the 8 years I worked walking distance from Langer's. I must have tried pretty much everthing on their menu. Believe me, everthing they have is as good as their pastrami.

        GOD!!! I CRAVE FOR ONE BADLY....

    2. I was there just last tuesday. hadn't been there for years. i had forgotten how good those things were. (the pastrami sandwiches, of course). i like the one with the cole slaw on it the best.

      i like the fries, too. but they are obviously just the ore ida frozen variety. good, still.