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Jan 9, 2008 03:24 PM

Attempting to make oven roasted pulled pork for the first time.

I'm planning on using Tyler's recipe:

Any suggestions/tips or is this pretty much a fool proof dish?

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  1. I don't have tips on this particular recipe, but I can tell you that I have never made a bad pulled pork when using a crockpot. I've ended up with tough or dry pulled pork by using the oven or a smoker, but it always falls apart nicely coming out of the crockpot.

    Having said that, his low oven temp of 300 seems pretty good for slow-cooking a pork roast. I might cover the roast with aluminum foil to help keep it moist and then pull it off for the last half hour or so.

    1. Tyler Florence's recipe is absolutely foolproof, and I'd highly recommend making his barbeque sauce with it.

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        I completely agree! I followed his recipe pretty much to the letter, and it came out perfect! Low and slow in the oven is the key. I had to do two roasts at a time, as I was cooking for a large group, so couldn't do it in a crock pot. After shredding all the meat, I combined it in my large roaster with the barbeque sauce and served it to my group on buns with coleslaw. Now they think I'm some kind of caterer....LOL. But, seriously, this is a foolproof and delicious recipe!

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          Hi cookingschool - can you tell me how many people you fed when you made the oven pulled pork? And how big the roasts were? I'm trying to feel 25 and figure out how much meat to buy. Also trying to plan the cooking - how many hours per pound (approx.) Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          megiac if you get this do is it a tyler pulled pork recipe or bbq sauce?

        3. Pulled Pork is one of the most forgiving dishes that anyone can make. I almost always make it in a crock pot, just because it's so ridiculously easy, and I'm widely known for over complicating recipes, but I don't see how this could possibly go bad. Best of luck!

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          1. I agree with everyone else's suggestions for making pulled pork in a crock pot. In fact I just made some yesterday/today and it is probably the best thing I've ever made. Ever. I put the meat and onions in for the full 18 hours on low. I had to have my boyfriend help me get it out of the pot because it was literally falling apart between the tongs. I'd tried to make pulled pork before and ended up with this nasty, dry concoction. This is much, much better.

            1. I'm ashamed to say that I don't actually own a crockpot, but I have been thinking about getting one. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and make the purchase. Any recs on a specific brand?

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                I just bought a 4 qt Rival. Since there's just two of us I don't really need anything bigger. A 5 pound piece of pork shoulder fit in just right.

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                  I've had a smallish Rival forever, but last year I got an oval 6-qt. Hamilton Beach that comes with an insulated cozy and a lid that fastens down for carrying it to a potluck or whatever. Great thing about the oval shape is now I can cook a roast or bird lying lengthwise instead of on its head. Got it at Target for about $35.

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                    I have 2 inexpensive fairly new (less than 4 years old) crockpots. A 5 qt and a 4 qt. I would suggest an oval shape hold more cuts of meat easier, so I would purchase that shape over the round. I also am cooking for few people, hence my second smaller pot. Just be sure you get one that has a 'keep warm' feature, rather than one that just has low and high features.