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Jan 9, 2008 03:11 PM

French Bistro in West Village

Hi NYC Hounds,

Visiting from the West Coast next week and staying in the Village. Any cozy, great french bistros for lunch or dinner? Your recs very much appreciated! Also, any other recs in the area will be well received. We eat it all. Many thanks.

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  1. Jarnac is cozy without being cramped, and has great food and excellent service.

    My other favorites in the area:

    Crispo (Italian)
    Chow Bar (Pan-Asian)
    Snack Taverna (Greek)
    Village (modern American/French)

    1. Another cozy place with great food is Le Gigot on Cornelia Street.

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          Third Le Gigot! also, if you'd like to byo, Tartine has great food... and a very low price.

          1. re: ChefJune

            Three marks for Le Gigot, sounds perfect. Checked them out online, great rec, thanks. Any thoughts on Cafe Cluny? I found a few reviews online and some good comments... worth a stop? Crispo rrems, sounds great as well. Any brunch tips for Sunday before our daughter leaves for NC? Thanks to all for the great advise!

            1. re: sbkat

              Lots of brunch options: good, Morandi, Westville, Cornelia St. Cafe, August, Jane, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Spotted Pig

              1. re: sbkat

                i live right near cafe cluny and was quite excited to see them open, but I have been pretty disappointed. their food is mediocre at best and varies. the price point is on the high end for what you actually get in terms of taste.

                however, the decor is adorable and charming. perhaps better for a glass of wine before eating elsewhere.

                1. re: _lula_

                  Lula - thanks for the honest view of Cafe Cluny. Made reservations at Le Gigot instead, but a wine stop at CC sounds good.

                  Lucia - the Spotted Pig is definitely on our stop for either brunch, dinner or whenever we can get in! Do you know if they still do not take reservations? I heard they expanded their space to include the second floor? August may be worth checking out for brunch, as we were unable to get a table for dinner. Thanks again all!

                  1. re: sbkat

                    Spotted Pig still doesn't take reservations. I went on a Saturday around noon over the summer and it was relatively empty--we sat on the second floor. Sundays tend to be heavier/more crowded brunch days.

                    1. re: Lucia

                      Thanks again Lucia for the update!

                    2. re: sbkat

                      Hi sbkat,

                      Someone mentioned Wallse below, and it is definitely worth checking out at dinner or brunch.

                      1. re: kobetobiko

                        Hi Kobetobiko,

                        Yes, I believe it was iforman2001 that mentioned Wallse. We're considering it for brunch, but with so many great brunch spots in the WV, it's hard to choose. We're blessed to have these problems, aren't we? Going to Le Gigot for dinner Thursday, and we really want italian Friday, again in the WV. Crispo keeps getting good mentions here. Thoughts folks? Again, many thanks! Kat

                      2. re: sbkat

                        sbkat, We walked into August once and were seated fairly quickly without a reservation on a weeknight about 8 pm. They save some tables in the front room for walk-ins. It's a little pricy but quite good.

                        1. re: rrems


                          I think we will try your approach and try and get in on Sunday night, next weekend while we're there. Thanks for the tip; fingers crossed!

              2. Also, for wonderful new American, try Perilla. It's one of the best restaurants in the Village.

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                1. re: rrems

                  Hi rrems,

                  Having dinner there Sunday night. Very much looking forward to it! Thanks again. Kat

                2. tartine is a local bistro favorite but ultra cramped...its cheap though.

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                  1. re: sam1

                    there is a recent thread on tartine OP might want to check out.

                  2. Oh gee! "other" recommendations? My all-time favorite neighborhood restaurant is El Charro, a little Spanish (Galician) place at 4 Charles Street, just off Greenwich AVENUE.