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Jan 9, 2008 02:45 PM

Adult hot chocolate

Who says chains are all bad? One near me has hot choolate with peppermint schnapps and coffee liquor. Unfortunately it falls into chaindom with weak chocolate and aerosol whipped cream.

What are some good hot chocolate or cocoa ideas using alcohol.

I've been making hot chocolate with Hershey's new Special Dark Chocolate cocoa and brandy.

Looking on the web some other ideas ...
- white hot chocolate with brandy and candy canes
- bittersweet hot chocolate with port wine
- spicy Mexican hot chocolate with tequila
- zabaglione hot chocolate with cocoa, egg yolks and marsala wine
- hot cocoa, Baily's Irish cream, vodka and butterschotch schnapps
- hot chocoate and creme de menthe
- chambord raspberry liquor, creme de cocoa, cocoa
- kahlua Hot Chocolate
- amaretto hot chocolate
- frangelico hot chocolate

This book has a chapter with spirited hot chocloate like citrus and brandy hot chocolate and mint julep hot chocolate. Anyone have any opions on "Hot Chocolate - 50 Heavenly Cups of Comfort"?

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  1. You got a good portion of them but how about:
    Hot chocolate with both peppermint schnapps and amaretto - mmmmmmmm
    Hot chocolate with vanilla cognac
    Hot chocolate with irish whiskey - add frangelico or amaretto
    Hot chocolate with baileys, kahlua, crown royal

    1. I start with a top quality hot chocolate mix Schokinag Extreme Dark with no sugar added is my favorite. It is like 70% dark. Use whole milk and doctor it up to your hearts content.

      1. I infuse orange zest into mine while it is cooking, then add Cointreau and homemade honey marshmallow.

        1. Ha! When I saw the title my mind took it in any different direction... a few others:

          > Xtabentun with 100% Cacao Hot Chocolate
          > Licor 43 with Milky Hot Chocolate
          > Charanda (Michiocan moonshine) wiht 70% Hot Chocolate
          > Cinammon Liquer with 70% Hot Chocolate

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          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            Yeah, you and a million other Google hits ... adding 'recipe' took out some of the more, uh, spicy, search results. My revenge is that anyone searching for anything else will find this thread in their search results.

            Thanks to all for the great ideas everyone.

            Eat-Nopal do you have ideas on liquor combos other than tequila to go with Mexican spicy hot choclate ... the drink.

            1. re: rworange

              I think spicy is kind of tricky... but I think Licor 43 works really well... as does the Cinammon Liquers... and I suppose Creme de Cacao or Coconut Rums would not be bad either.

          2. I make mine with light coconut milk (because full fat coconut milk is WAY to thick, comes out more like mousse, which also isn't bad). :)