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Jan 9, 2008 02:10 PM

San Diego biz trip, help!

Basically I need some trendy, nice places to recommend to my boss. $$$ ok. He likes sleek, mod places usually. But food should be good and will to consider other 'decors'. Please help!

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  1. Where are you/boss staying and/or will you have a car? Public transportation is not great or cheap here.

    1. San Diego covers a lot of territory, where will he be staying and will he have a car?

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        Staying in the Marina and taking cabs only

        1. re: Safight

          "The Marina?" That really doesn't mean anything in SD. Do you mean downtown/gaslamp (i.e., the Marriott) or harbor island? We're not trying to be difficult, but San Diego is big and it's difficult to provide recommendations for visitors without specifics on the location and food preference.

          1. re: wanker

            Sorry I clearly don't know the city (hence why I need the help). It's the Marriott "Marina" apparently close to the gaslamp quarter...on Harbor Dr. near the water...does that help?

            1. re: Safight

              Check out Bondi, in the Gaslamp on 5th. Very cool decor, decent food. Some interesting Australian beers, too.

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                Do a chowhound search for dining in the "Gaslamp district of San Diego", or do a Google search and you will find several on-line resources. The Gaslamp is chock full or great restaurants. Chive, Candela's, Jsix are all great, plus the Gaslamp has many high end chains (e.g., Morton's, etc.) If you have specific type of cuisine or scene in mind we can give more specifics.

        2. Nobu San Diego at Hard Rock Hotel....brand new.

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          1. re: FoodWarrior22

            Island Prime for a decent view and steak.

            1. re: cstr

              Stingaree for trendy and sleek and $$$


              Nobu (as mentioned above) for trendy and sleek and $$$

              Jsix for suprisingly good food, trendy and $$


          2. there are some good options downtown. Try Chive if you want something really good. They have small plates and a good happy hour. It is close to the hotel you are at and is fairly inexpensive. The small plates help you regulate how much you spend