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Jan 9, 2008 02:09 PM

Cooking Bacon

Just wondering -- slow or fast -- microwave? Have tried many different ways of cooking bacon. Different methods for different brands?

What's your favorite way of cooking bacon?

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    1. 425F oven for 10-12 minutes, depending on thickness of the bacon, with the bacon spread out on a sheet of aluminum foil in a half sheet pan. Mmm, perfect bacon every time.

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      1. I like the Ina Garten method....put the bacon on top of a cooling rack placed on top of a rimmed sheet pan, so the fat drips off while it cooks. 400 degrees 15-20 mins (I do mine longer because I like it crispy). In the last few mins of cooking, brush a little maple syrup on. Delish.

        1. most often, i zap it, placing slices on a plate, covering the bacon with a paper towel. 5 minutes. it sizzles in its own fat, and i can pour off the fat for future use. i used to put paper towels underneath also, but that gives a dry, stiff, unappealing result. (though fine for crumbling purposes).

          otherwise, i fry it instead of heating the whole oven for bacon.

          1. I have a convection microwave, & microwave a plateful for approx. 7 minutes & it is always perfect. I generally use same brand. If I had a fine, $$ brand I would not micro. it.

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              why not micro a $$ brand? how much is "$$"?

              i usually use a good brand name, which i buy typically "buy one/get one" -- freezing one package while the other i open for the fridge.

              i guess if i were doing a huge batch of bacon, i would use the oven, but i usually wouldn't make that much. ( a pound at a time?) i have heard good things about sprinkling the brown sugar before baking for that little "sumpin' sumpin'".

              as to stovetop, i use a splatter screen, if needed, though usually i don't cook the bacon at high heat to spatter too much.