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Jan 9, 2008 02:09 PM

seeking pure, simple and heavenly sushi

I'm looking for very, very high quality sushi, similar to Hiko or Sasabuno in West LA or Nozawa in Studio City (also in the LA region). . .no designer rolls, just a simple menu of nigiri and a few handrolls or an omakase option. Thanks!

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  1. In Manhattan, I recommend the newly reopened Ushi Wakamaru. It's delicious, traditional, quality sushi that won't break the bank. Yasuda, while better sushi, could break the bank. Neither has designer rolls. In Brooklyn, I recommend Taro which is almost as good as Ushi Wakamaru in terms of sushi quality and variety, but does have a few non-traditional rolls such as spicy ika or fried oyster.

    Edit: And I have a feeling everyone will recommend the same... honorable mentions go to Shimizu and Kanoyama.

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      Also good, but a tier down, is Lan, which boasts a chef that is ex-Ushi.

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        Hear hear to Kanoyama, maybe the best in its reasonable-though-not-cheap-though-certainly-not-crazy-midtown-expense-account-expensive tier. Thank God we have them down here in the Gramercy-East Village general area. The master is a really nice guy, too - just like his former boss who sold out to him and moved home after that lunatic shot him in the hand at the wine bar almost next door (sorry, I sort of digress, but that's a true story!)

        And does anyone else here go nuts when people reflexively mention Nobu on this subject? They have some amazing cooked foods but their sushi sucks. Tiny, not particularly fresh-tasting....and they go waaaaaay overboard with that annoying shiso & cucumber roll wrapping schtick.

      2. Tomoe is the best I've ever had, anywhere. Their raw fish is so fresh I've never tasted anything so sweet and tender. Skip the rolls, which are fine but don't compare to the yellowtail and salmon sashimi/sushi.

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          Really? Have you been in the last two years?

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            Yes, I have, though I'd say the last time I went was more than 4 months ago. It was still wonderful. Why?

        2. Hands down Kanoyama.

          Freshest sushi/sashimi I've ever eaten. The omakase is great.