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May 16, 2001 02:34 PM

Lily's -- really??

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Hi Hounds. I ate at this lauded Venice establishment for the first time a few wks ago and I've been holding my tongue about it. But by now it's been recommended too many times for me not to have my say...

Overall: very disappointed. Yes, it was a cute and friendly place that felt pretty French (in spite of the friendliness!). And my lamb medallions were good. Otherwise, je ne like pas the food. The crudite salad: similar to what I remember having in Paris but way way too mayonaise-y for my taste. The artichoke appetizer: cooked and chilled to an inch of its life, and also too mayo-y. The goat cheese tart: I've made better at home. My boyfriend's steak: totally and unforgivably tasteless. The blue cheese sauce that the waitress suggested for the steak: no better than the hollandaise. The profiteroles we had for dessert: like plastic.

As for the service: I would call it uneven. I liked our waitress -- she made me laugh a lot -- but I don't think she knew much about food, her French accent notwithstanding. Also: nobody did a very good job of pretending they didn't want us out of there before midight. (I don't blame them but...)

Did we order the wrong things? Was it an off night? I take it some of you would tell me to try again...


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  1. I've said it before but here it is again-I think lily's really bites. Granted, I've only been once, but I would never go back. I found the food to be thoroughly uninteresting and incompetently prepared. See my dissenting opinion on a Lily's thread a while back.

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      Just (re)read your earlier post. Sounds like yr exp even worse than mine. Guess I won't be going back...

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        Hmmm. I've been to Lilly's five or six times and have had a great experience each time. However, on a few occasions when I have recommended it to friends and family, they have come away disappointed . Perhaps Lilly's is uneven and I've been lucky, but I remain a fan.

        I've alway's had dismal meals and service at Joe's up the street, which always gets stellar marks from Chowhounds and others.

        Go figure.