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Does anyone know about glatt kosher food in the Lake Buena Vista area? What does anyone about the service/food/cost in Lower East Side Restaurant? I heard about a place called Kosher Korner?Where is it and what does it have ? What about the cost ,quality and portion size of readily available glatt kosher food in Disney's parks? Thanks.

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  1. The meals disney serves are by Weberman's of Miami I believe.
    They are prepackaged. and well the quality could be better.
    (sometimes if you get a good chef - they come out better)

    I have not been to lower east side - there are reviews on Shamash for them
    I have not been nor have I heard of Kosher Korner.

    I can recommend Ole Gourmet in Fern park - I believe they will deliver

    Also depending on how strict you are - you may want to consider Amira's

    1. We were in Disney last month and ate at the Lower East Side twice. It is a sit down meat restaurant located around 10-15 minutes from the parks. The food was fine. One night they offered the full menu which is very extensive and the second night they only offered a buffet and a limited menu. We opted for the limited menu since the buffet seemed too expensive for what they were offering that night. The food was tasty, the people who own the restaurant were nice and service was ok not great, particularly when they got busy. Our bill came to roughly $100 for four of us. They also seemed to offer boxed lunches.
      We also ate once in Disney. All of the parks offer meals both with and without reservations. If you don't reserve in advance, each park has one cafeteria (listed on the allearsnet site) where you can order kosher meals. All of the cashiers have the menu, you just have to ask them about the kosher food and they give you the menu. Generally you have a choice between a hamburger, hot dog or corned beef which come with potatoes and a vegetable. They cost around $10 each, I think, and are double wrapped. They also had a desert option. You have to wait around 15 minutes for the food. We found the food to be good, but it may have been that we were quite hungry by the time we ate.

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        I recall asking for a kosher meal at Disney. The cashier knew that they had them but had to track down the shift supervisor. The shift supervisor then had to direct one of the employees to the freezer where my meal was entombed. It was an OK burger but I wondered a) Are requests for kosher meals so rare that only one person knows where the meals are stored?; and, b) Would a family of six have cleaned them out if they asked for a kosher meal? I also wondered about how long the burger had been in the freezer before my arrival. I didn't go to Disneyworld expecting memorable meals but I had assumed that there are plenty of visitors who keep kosher. Instead, I felt like I was a rarity in the Magic Kingdom.

        1. re: Dovid

          It just depends- remember the workers rotate so it is possible that the person serving the burgers then goes on to another place in the park and in several months had not had a kosher request.
          I've eaten at Lower East Side Kosher - it's typical for a small community trying to please all tastes restaurant. Typically there are things that sound good on the menu and they don't have it that day or that sounded good and weren't, and if you stick to fried food, you're safe. Friends from Miami said that the hasgacha is not recommended, but I have not investigated/gone since then. They do deliver to hotels, so you could brown bag it to disney, but weighing the cost (and having had them cater my meal for my company's event at the Marriott) I'd say having a hot meal of a burger, not having to schlep the meal is nicer.
          My recommendation is that you 1.) know which restaurant has the kosher option in each park. Previous posts have covered this. 2.) Don't go at 12 noon. Go early - like 11 or 1130, then it takes 4 or 5 minutes (unless you are a large party and then multiply out the deal).
          I had done the pre-pay/preorder thing so we could sit down in a restaurant. The lasagna was good, the brisket was ok. It was just nice to be at a theme restaurant.
          The popsicle stands are good options, they list the hecksher on the sign, and I believe last visit I had something cold and pareve.
          I've not been to Ole Cafe as it is almost 40 minute drive from the exit for Disney (plus the 30 mins to get to your car!)
          I've not tried Noah's Ark to deliver to a hotel yet - but that might be an option, too.

          1. re: Levial

            I'm not sure why your Miami Friends would have had a problem with lower east side, I'm pretty sure they are certified by Chabad.

            Again Ole at one point did deliver (I'm not sure if they still do) but even though I live close they are pretty good..

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              actually there is a serioues problem with the hechser and Chabad would definitely not recommended it. The hechsher is apparently some concocted hechsher created by the restaraunts owner

              1. re: moule

                I think long ago they may have been certified locally. I did some research on the current certification for Lower east side and couldn't find any as well.

                If you are looking for somewhere to eat go to Cohen's or Kosher Culinary.

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                  In all due respect moule and cherylp3, the fact that Chabad would not recommend it is not a minus--there are other acceptable certifications other than Chabad.

                  The current Rav Hamachshir is a Rabbi Spitz and there is a tmidi. Every time I've been there, I've found the supervision to be impeccable.

                  It's a rather interesting place which doubles as a shule. This is not, in any way to be deemed as a shout-out for their food and pricing, only their reputation for Kashrut.

      2. My Lubovich cousins did not encounter too many problems when they came to visit. The did bring a few dry goods with them in the luggage to start with. They were able to find food and supplies at Walmart (!) and Publix (grocery store chain). The new Whole Foods that just opened in the attractions area (close to Sea World, Universal AND Disney) proved to be a valuable resource-they even found Cholov L'Yisroyel milk! I don't recall from where they ordered their Shabbos meals, but it was pretty tasty (although they opted for mostly sides,salads and gefilte fish). Their hotel had a small microwave oven and refrigerator. After kashering it, they reheated the food and wrapped it all in multiple layers of towels to keep it warm.

        1. a new kosher place opened on universal boulevard, check it out

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            It's conference season for my work and I have been in Orlando a lot in the last weeks. I tried Kosher Culinary. It is a restaurant on Universal Blvd right next to the chabad in a strip mall. (handy to send your dear husband to minyan). The place was well decorated and clean but the menu expensive. They had a small grocery area, too. I wasn't too impressed, actually but they've only been open 3 months. Ironically, the next week I had a conference at the Marriott and they were the caterer. (replacing Lower East Side). The catering was PHENOMENAL. I could start another post about how annoying it is to be at a conference and watch everyone eating the great food while you open an airline meal kosher experience, so let's say my expectations were exceeded. Schnitzel was great, food on real plates, with real silverware, wedding-worthy desserts, etc. So I'm confused why the menu items were not so great, but then the catering was excellent.
            Ole' Gourmet was also great. I didn't go to the restaurant. I had tried to order kosher food from Lower East side to deliver to the hotel our retreat was at. They dropped the ball and offered no apologies. So I did a quick search and found that Ole Gourmet delivers. I figured with the dairy/falafel menu it wouldn't be good, but it was excellent.
            Another odd point, but I saw a press release for a Holiday Inn that was going to have a kosher kitchen, etc. (http://www.pr-inside.com/hotel-on-int...). But we drove there, and no one seemed to know where the kosher food was to be had . Luckily we were minutes from Kosher Culinary and just continued on.

            1. re: Levial

              We had a very nice experience at Ole Gourmet. Good food. Nice people.

          2. Has anyone been to Holiday Inn that was going to have a kosher kitchen we will be there for New Years it would be nice if we can stay there for Shabbos

            1. Finally pulled the switch and booked my Disney Trip 1/4-1/9. Found a gem of a place, a one bedroom suite right next to an amusement area with three pools. Just $59/night! http://www.suitesatoldtown.com/accom/... . Since they provide free transportation to the parks I will probably not bother with a car. Where can I get kosher food within the parks? In a pinch, the place where I am staying is some two blocks from a large supermarket, I think it is call Publix, and can probably get some kosher items there. Since the suite where I am staying has a full sized kitchen, I guess I can bring frozen TV dinners, but would prefer to travel light within the parks and buy lunch there.

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              1. re: MartyB

                old town is an amusement park/mini mall. there are bunch of "suite" motels along that strip, we stayed in one of them about 15 years ago. the Publix should have frozen Empire precooked BBQ sauce turkeys or chickens which if you buy the day you get there should be defrosted by the next day's dinner

                1. re: berel

                  If you want to stay in the parks at dinner time, one restaurant in each park has Weberman's Glatt Kosher meals. They were reall pretty good last Jan, and not ridiculously expensive(bet 8-10 dollars for corned beef,hamburger ,chicken or a hot dog) It was convenient to be able to stay in the park and see the dinner shows while eating.

                2. re: MartyB

                  Publix has a lot of kosher items. Last time I went to Disney, we brought our own cheese and tuna packets. We bought bread and bagged salad from Publix and had salad and sandwiches for lunch in the parks. Not to heavy to carry around, and a light dairy meal so that we could get ice cream as a snack.

                3. The following link lists the restaraunts in the different disney parks that serve kosher food.
                  Have a great time!

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                  1. re: bay1

                    Thanks guys, it looks like I wont be going hungry. Just one more thing, is there any restaurants real close (taxi wise) to Old Town in case I am really lazy and hungry or want to treat myself to one good meal.

                    1. re: MartyB

                      the closest to Old town would be Lower east side or Kosher culinary.

                      If you are treating yourself, definitely Kosher Culinary.

                      Also the new touchscreen resorts - example Contempo at the Contemporary may have Kosher meals. You can always ask a Cashier to check for you.

                      1. re: cherylp3

                        My daughter found a place called Amira's Kosher Deli http://www.amiraskoshermarket.com/ looks realy good. Prices seems very reasonable. Any comments before I go there? The weather in Orlando is delicious by the way :)

                        1. re: MartyB

                          next time youre about to book, let us know, we have timeshare, and dont use them like we used to, and are constantly looking for people to use weeks at cost, whcih would have been about the same as what youre paying, but a much nicer hotel, or a 2 bedroom for not much more

                          on food topic, youre not renting a car, but if you were, the costco had the individually frozen chicken pieces, and publix isnt 2 blocks away from old town, id say its 1-2 miles, theres another supermarket in the other direction closer to celebration thats about a mile away from old town, that had great produce, i dotn rememebr them having any kosher meat though, but it has been abotu 2 years since i was there

                          something to be aware of, lot of stuff that we buy up here thats kosher, isnt down there, so make sure to look for hashgachot, specially on bread stuff

                          i remember when i was a kid, loving old town, bc the general store had 5 cent cokes in the old style glass bottles, ah the memories

                          1. re: shoelace

                            Publix is a few blocks away (I know since I just shopped there yesterday). I finally wound up getting a car so we are more mobile and can look for more eating options. We did not find the Empire cooked chicken but still managed to spend $200 on groceries. We will probably go out on Wednesday night since the weather won't be ideal for that day. All other days look nice and rain free.

                            Next time we come back we will ask around, but I must say I can't complain since getting a suite with a large kitchen and private porch for $54/night is very hard to beat.

                            1. re: MartyB

                              it was several years ago that I got the Empire cooked chicken at Publix, could be they don't even make them anymore

                              1. re: MartyB

                                Are we talking frozen or fresh? You may want to check out the Publix on Sand Lake road down the street from Whole foods.

                            2. re: MartyB

                              Amira's is excellent. Just a note: They are certified by the Greater Board of Orlando Rabbi's. Not Chabad.

                              1. re: cherylp3

                                We decided to go to Amira's Kosher Deli, menu looked real good. My son-in-law said "we are not in New York, better call for hours", I told him, come on, they have to be open for dinner, we called and was shocked that they close at 4:30! We didn't want to leave Animal Kingdom early just for dinner, my granddaughter was having a ball, so we decided to go to Kosher Culinary. Tonight we will be "dining out" at Publix - enough said!

                                1. re: MartyB

                                  How was Kosher Culinary?Is it closer to Disney or Universal?

                                  1. re: momrn

                                    I was trying to be kind when I said that I will be dining at Publix. I went to Kosher Culinary because I saw that they offered Rib Steak, but they didn't have it, they had "slow cooked sliced beef" which was priced as rib steak and appeared as such on bill. The mushroom soup, priced at $7 was, as my daughter said, Osem powder soup mix. The fountain soda was watered down. Paid $120 for dinner for 3 (one of them being kids hot dog meal). Big disappointment.

                                    As to its location, I have no idea, punched in address in GPS and followed its directions.

                                    1. re: MartyB

                                      ok, you've convinced me to bring down a vacuum packed roast beef and turkey breast next week.

                                      1. re: berel

                                        The food in Disney parks is good ,reasonable and convenient. Universal's option is more expensive -28 dollars . They only offer salisbury steak or chicken. Too bad Kosher Culinary is not an option.

                                      2. re: MartyB

                                        turns out the timeshare resort we were at had self cleaning ovens. so we kashered the microwave an oven and bought meal mart rib eye steaks and burgers from Publix. didn't eat out at all

                                      3. re: momrn

                                        Kosher Culinary is close to Universal. It sounds like they've gone down hill since the last time I was there,

                                2. re: cherylp3

                                  We were not impressed with them.
                                  After a long plane ride recently, my family and I went to Orlando and as we got off the plane, we called all the local restaurants to find what would still be open an estimated hour later, around 10 pm.
                                  we called every restaurant to see who was open, and they admitted that they were. I told the man at hte other end my family would be coming to order. They would not keep the kitchen open for me, he said, but we could take premade things and go from there. Good enough for us, we schlepped the 30 mins from the airport to get there. To find it closed. The mashgiach told us that the ownder allowed the chef to close up early (despite my phone call to him that we were coming) and he could not open for us (as he did not have permission from the owner)
                                  this is runing a buiness poorly!!! Needless to say, we did not go back! However, we did go to Cohen's Kosher Deli, a wonderful 10 mins from Disney!!! Delicious!

                                  I copied their link from down below: http://www.cohensdeli.com/

                              1. The Disney parks are all very expensive as it is, why add extra restaurant costs either in or out of the park? My family of 5 stayed in a lovely townhouse on the property (I think now it's part of Animal Kingdom) and we'd eat breakfast in the room, take lunch and snacks to the park, return to the room to chill and have either early or late dinner there and back to the park at night. I brought some frozen meat/chicken double wrapped, a pot for pasta, etc. The food you eat out is also not nearly as healthy as what you can prepare when you can monitor how much oil,salt, etc. you add.

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                                1. re: parkydoc

                                  the Publix supremarkets carry a lot of frozen meal mart meats and chicken. we had a self-cleaning oven where we were. Best we ever ate on vacation

                                  1. re: berel

                                    Berel-please let me know which Publix supermarkets in Orlando/Lake Buena vista area carried the meal mart frozen meals. I dont want to schlep food and I dont want to spend a fortune in Kosher Culinary or Lower East Side for a family of 5.

                                    1. re: Estherlieba

                                      Supertarget at exit 74 off of I-4 had the largest selection of kosher stuff when we were in orlando in Jan '07. (Kosher cheese, frozen foods, bread, cold cuts).

                                      1. re: Estherlieba

                                        The publix on Sandlake road - down the street from Whole foods has meal mart meals as well.

                                          1. re: Estherlieba

                                            Also check out cohen's deli in Clermont.

                                  2. Rafi and Ella at the Lower East Side Restaurant are really nice and their food is great!!

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                                      Whole Fods in Winter Park has kosher-ou chicken now. Not sure about the Whole Foods on Turkey Lake Rd and Sand Lake Rd.

                                      1. re: flcedar

                                        The whole foods on Sand Lake also has the Kosher Valley Chicken and sometimes Turkey

                                      2. re: kazy97

                                        Do you have a phone number for Lower East Side?

                                        1. re: kazy97

                                          Problem is that the hechsher is totally bogus

                                            1. re: craigcep

                                              That certificate states that it expires in 2008.

                                        2. cohens deli
                                          is the best food in the orlando area by far. It's maybe 8-10 minutes from Disney World right down the 192 west to 27 north and a left at the first light.
                                          prices are super reasonable too . We ate there every night when we visited several weeks back.

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                                          1. re: Danimal1

                                            MY family and i found Cohen's deli by accident, after we had a poor experience with the kosher dining in Florida. We were super surprised! the food was delicious! the deli sandwhiches were out of this world, along with the filling matzo ball soup. My kids walked away satisfied too! they even got a cookie at the end of their meal, and bendaroos to take home with them ( like a kids meal)
                                            Across the street is a wonderful ice cream place that have pareve ice cream (and cholov stam) to top it off.. We were greatful for them,and visited them every day of our trip!

                                            1. re: Danimal1

                                              Couldn't agree more. Cohen's food is delicious and reasonably priced. Their menu has something for everyone. Ate there every night during our recent trip.

                                              1. re: waterpri

                                                I want to thank the last 3 posters for their reviews on Cohen's. I now know where I will be eating my meals when I get to Disney in July.
                                                Do you know what the name of the ice cream place is? Can I walk to it from Cohen's?

                                                  1. re: berel

                                                    Please read over the original post about the ice cream shop. To quote: "Across the street is a wonderful ice cream place that have pareve ice cream".

                                                  2. re: TAKEOUTISFORME

                                                    The Ice Cream store is called Simkas sweets. It is across the street from Cohen's.

                                                  3. re: waterpri

                                                    I agree with the above posters! Cohen's Deli is by far the best in the area and so worth heading to Clermont! The owners are so kind and work hard to please their customers. And they masgiach is Rabbi Konikov from Chabad and is 100% reliable.