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Jan 9, 2008 01:33 PM

Healthy Living- S.Burligton VT

According to Healthy Living's website they have opened in their new location. I enjoyed the old location over City Market and not living in the area prohibits me from hitting up dorset st. Anyone been yet?

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  1. I'm confused....Healthy Living's old site was also on Dorset Street. They moved about one block south, into the old Lake Buick building.
    I went in the other day....I really don't like the layout, but they have much more selection. The cafe and salad bar/prepared meals was not up and running yet, though I hear today they are.

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    1. re: bm_vt

      It can't be any worse that the previous layout, surely?

    2. ditto to Jaynes statement.
      I also hated City Markets layout when they first opened but I have become used to it now, Healthy Livings I never got used to and spent my time running around, back and forth, up and down to get ingredients for one meal.

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      1. re: biggirlco

        I like the traditional food store set up - aisles. HL's set up is very scattered - no order to it IMO. My boss happens to love it - just goes to show how different everyone is!

        1. re: bm_vt

          I stopped in on Saturday to check it out. Not everything is set up, or at least that was my impression. There seems to be a lot of open space, which is good, but looked like set ups may have been missing. And the floor plan is similar to Hunger Mountain Coop; why stores have "crooked" rows, I'll never figure it out, I find it very confusing as a customer. The deli area is much larger than the old store, but there were few tables in a small area. For me, the prices were oh so expensive. Stuff on the hot bar looked good, but nothing struck my fancy. I admit I never ate there before, so I am not a true judge as to whether these prices are up or the same as the previous store.