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Jan 9, 2008 12:49 PM

Private Dining - downtown?

Hi Boston Hounds -
I'm in Seattle and will be hosting an event in Boston next month. I would love to find a great restaurant that has private dining for up to 100 - or even buyout. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?


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  1. That's going to be tough. By downtown, do you mean financial district, Back Bay, or elsewhere? Where will you and guests be staying? Any food preferences? Budget? Time of day? Day of week?

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    1. re: BBHound

      So very unfamiliar with the area, so any area that's generally considered downtown, hip, and trendy. The guests will all be local residents so I will stay close to the location vs the other way around. No food pref, will be 4-8pm, reception and short presentation- on a Thursday evening. Have necessary budget, we're trying to find something swanky and cool.

      Thanks again!!

      1. re: tea_girl

        Gosh, this is a tough one. I don't know if any of the following places can do a large private event or buyout, but it looks like you need recs for 'swanky and cool' places to get the ball rolling on your search. A lot of places that jump to mind are just too small for an event of this size.

        My "go to" recommendation here is Eastern Standard Kitchen since it's big enough, but again, no idea if they can do such an event. Others to consider would be the Beehive, and Via Matta. My B-list would include Great Bay, Sibling Rivalry, Mantra, Davio's, and 28 Degrees. (B list only because they are not as good as the A list, but are reasonably 'hip' and 'trendy' for the OP's needs.)

        The specific neighborhood may be less of an issue since Boston is very compact compared to Seattle. For example, if you're willing to go to Cambridge, Rendezvous would be a great option, as would be Rialto, Upstairs in the Square, and Om (latter three in Harvard Sq).

        1. re: Sgt Snackers

          these lists have been great - thanks so much! I have calls into most of them!

          1. re: tea_girl

            The people at the Hotel Commonwealth were fabulous at hosting a private event of this size a few years ago. I know it is in the same building as Great Bay and Eastern Standard but the relationship mystifies me because I am too old to figure it all out despite numerous explanations. Hopefully if you have called Eastern Standard, they have clarified it all. Fabulous.

      1. re: saltyair

        What date are you thinking? Will it be sit-down dinner?

      2. Mantra I think is a good choice. The food is french-indian. It's an old bank that turned into a swanky restaurant which also turns into a lounge afterwards - which is one of the most popular places. They have a private room downstairs (The Vault), and enclaves in the back of the main dinning room for large parties. Plus a hookah bar.
        It's located near the Boston Commons.

        1. It all depends on the style of event you are holding. Boston is an old city and most of the restaurants are on the smaller side. If it is cocktails and sit down dinner, honestly, I would look at hotels in the area. I've hosted events at the new Intercontinental and have fabulous experiences. The new Liberty Hotel might be worth checking out.

          1. The Boston Harbor Hotel on the waterfront, the Langham Hotel or the Copley Plaza. Tres swanky.