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Jan 9, 2008 12:47 PM

Downtown Columbus Delivery

Hey everyone!

My fiance and I just moved to downtown Columbus from Harrison West. And we are desperate for some good delivery places. Love Cafe Courier, but it's making me broke!

Since we lived so close to the OSU campus, all those places used to deliver. Not anymore!

So, we're in need of good suggestions for pizza and Chinese.

We loved Jumbo's pizza because it was the best New York Style pizza we could get delivered. (And I don't mean Adriatico's definition of New York Style)

We also used to get Moon Star on High Street all the time. They were my favorite good bad Chinese delivery place. But alas, they are gone.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome. We live on Rich Street, right by Parsons Avenue.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Happy Dragon
    277 E Livingston

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    1. re: kura kura

      I liked them. But they don't deliver. :(

      1. re: Ginway

        Not that it'll work for just the two of you, but for larger groups Happy Dragon will deliver. I'm not sure what the minimum is, but we order there for work all the time and they deliver to us. We usually have about 10 people ordering.

        1. re: Ditdah

          lol. I wish it would. I'm kind of craving their shrimp and string beans now.

    2. you might look at - I am not sure what his rate is compared to cafe courier but I think it is better - and I like his selection of places - a little better and I was talking to the owner last week and he is getting ready to try and add a bunch more placed in the coming months