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Jan 9, 2008 12:34 PM

Good place for first date?

I need a cozy place, but not overly romantic or expensive. Maybe a café or coffee place but not a restaurant (i.e. we're stuck staring at each other over dinner). I like 7 West, but I'd like some place with a bit more space between the tables.

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  1. Comrade is perfect, if you'd like to impress with a low-key vibe. The back area is more secluded, but the music is often too loud. You can always ask if they'll turn it down. They have a good variety of beer and wine by the glass. Cheese plates and baguette are good too, if they haven't already run out.

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      Where is that? Always looking for decent restaurants in the Bay/Bloor area that won't break the bank entirely.

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        Comrade is simply a wine bar, as per the request. It's in Leslieville, about 3 blocks east of Broadview.

    2. I recommend Taro Grill on Queen W., just East of Bathurst on the north side. It's a cozy eatery/bar with a decent drink selection and some interesting menu items and a decent price point. They have tables and a few booths in the back. I haven't been since the summer/fall but I have been going there a few times a year since university and they've been consistently decent. It's a great spot for eating but also a great spot to just drink.

      If you're looking for a coffee place with a decent amount of comfort and atmosphere I like Tango Palace at Jones/Queen. The area isn't spectacular but its a cool coffee shop with a good selection of sweets.

      I've also had a positive experience taking a date to Resevoir Lounge, although if you get there any later than 9 you'll have to stick it out and wait for a table as they're usually crammed on the weekends. But once the after-dinner foagies go home to bed around 10:30/11 you can usually get table for two, enjoy live jazz and drink yourself into a fuzz.