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Jan 9, 2008 12:26 PM

Richmond Hill to Riverdale take-out challenge

Need to get take-out dinner to feed (and impress) a group of about 10 people at a meeting on Queen E. at Broadview (at Mustard Seed, across from Bonjour Brioche) next week. Will be at L'Arche Daybreak on Yonge (11339 Yonge) in Richmond Hill earlier that afternoon. Any thoughts on where to get delicious take-out for $5 to $7 MAXIMUM per person (not including drinks) along the way? I was considering the famous malaysian place in Richmond Hill but I'm not sure it would fit our low budget. I think the quickest way to drive would be to take Elgin Mills Road to the 404 to Don Valley to Lakeshore to Carlaw, but I could detour a few km for good chow.

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  1. I love Thai Spoon in Richmond Hill. I get it delivered often. They are at: 120 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill, ON, (905) 770-5773. Maybe if you call them, they'll fax you a takeout menu.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      I love Thai Spoon also. I haven't read any reviews of them yet. What do you recommend?

      I always end up ordering the vegetarian appetizer plate because it gives me a nice variety. Do you know if the owner is Thai? Thanks!

      1. re: mrsleny

        I don't know if they are Thai, because I always get delivery. I've never been inside the restaurant and have not talked to the owners. I have had success with everything I've ordered there. I also like the veg appetizer platter. I get the mango salad. Vegetarian Pad Thai (delish) and the Chili Chicken, which is breaded pieces of chicken in a spicey tomato onion sauce that is delicious.

        I would say that it is above average Canadian style Thai Food. I don't know if it is authentic or not, but it is delicious.

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          I/m going to recommend george Ghali's... "Ghali Kitchen at Greenwood and Queenst E. really not too far from your Mustard Seed location. Just call him ahead and discuss your needs and pricing. It's a one man take out operation and he's very approachable. Highly rated Egyptian- Jamaican-?? fusion
          I/m sure George would be glad to hear from you.
          Have a good meeting and dinner.

          Ghali Kitchen
          Ontario (including Toronto) - 4 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada

          416-466-5140 5pm-9pm (check) Type of place: restaurant
          Cuisine: Fusion - Mediterranean, Caribbean, pizza, etc.

          1. re: fruglescot

            It would appear Ghali's phone is disconnected.

            1. re: Herb

              Ghali's new # is:

              647 436 0660

              Def. call ahead. As fruglescot said, it's a small place and if he needs chicken or something he's gotta run out and get it himself. His hours can change sometimes based on this, but generally, I find he's pretty reliable lately.

              At any rate, he has really good take out and he's worth checking out. He does a fusion food as fruglescot said which combines Carribean/Jerk styles and Medeterrainan food. A lot of spicy dishes involving meat and rice/lentils, as well as some pasta dishes, and his own form of pizza, and a burrito/roti fusion called a Burroti.

              As you go down the DVP there really isn't a lot at YorkMills.. Lawrence.. Eglinton..

              If you're in the mood for Pakistani I also recommend Makkah at Donlands/Danforth. If you get off at Don Mills Rd. and continue south instead of taking DVP to the termination at Lakeshore, Makkah is along the way. Turn right onto O'Connor of Don Mills and then left onto Donlands, south to Danforth.

              I'm not too familiar with the north end of the city but those are my suggestions for the south in the evening.

            2. re: fruglescot

              Ghali Kitchen Warning:

              George opens seemingly at whim. NEVER go without calling well in advance, and again just before you leave.

        2. If you want inexpensive Asian takeout in Richmond Hill try the Price Chopper (nw corner of Leslie St. and Major Mackenzie; 2 minutes e. of Major Mac and the 404). Dishes are around the $4 and $5 mark (filled to the brim), good selection served from a hot table but busy so replenished frequently. Specials ie buy 4 dishes with soup (broth) and steamed rice for $20.They have a nice not greasy fried rice, noodles, veggies (always good), eggplant (yum) and variables depending on the day might incl. green beans w. pork, fried shrimp or fish, coconut chicken (my favourite), curry chicken (not spicy but nice flavour), sweet and sour, beef ribs, spring rolls, bbq chicken wings, etc. I've never counted but I'd say about 15 choices plus the bbq counter for decent bbq pork, soy chicken, roast pork, etc. The Chinese bakery section is also good, and reasonable if you want dessert. My husband has seen people pick up large party-sized containers before so if you're feeding 10 this might be worth checking in to. Get as many of the dishes as possible in foil for easy re-heating...we've done this on occasion for a larger group and people always say "how do they do this so cheaply"? Probably because they have a chinese butcher and produce in store.

          Similar to T and T takeout which would be another option for you; T and T certainly has lots more choices...and more locations.

          I love Restoran Malaysia (adore their lakksa noodles) but it is pricier especially when you start adding in coconut rice and their irresistible roti.

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          1. re: dory

            I second the "Asian Market" in the Price Chopper..gets my mouth watering every time I feast my eyes on the offerings.

            1. re: dory

              I had no idea there was an Asian takeout in the Price Chopper. Cool. Do they have any vegetarian selections?

              BTW, how is Kenny's Gourmet in the same plaza?


              1. re: mrsleny

                Kenny's Gourmet is like a better version of Congee Wong. Had a few of their dishes and all were solid, including, if I can remember, their congee, chicken pot rice, and the thin egg noodle dish that has the noodles fried on the bottom and saucy on top - actually done well, for once.

                1. re: mrsleny

                  I'm not sure what constitutes vegetarian, I know they have at least one or two vegetable dishes but perhaps there's beef or chicken broth used? They also have deep fried tofu (blocks) but again I'm not sure if this qualifies. They have steamed rice but the fried rice has meat in it, and I'm not sure about the noodles. Hope this helps a bit.

              2. Vietnamese subs at Rose Cafe (324 Broadview). They're less than two bucks a piece and make mighty fine eatin'. There's even a veggie version.

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                1. re: Edith S

                  I second this. You can get Bahn Mi and a spring roll for $3 pp.

                2. I am not sure if this will fit in your price range, but Shi-Ki Sushi (Yonge St., one block s of Elgin Mills on east side) has very good sushi/sashimi platters which we often order for our in-home parties. You could supplement this with salmon teriyaki, salads, soups, etc. They also have excellent lunch specials, but they are generally 7.95 to 9.95. These are full meals, with soup, salad, appetizer, main course, rice, and a side of California rolls.

                  1. Great takeout isn't a Riverdale virtue.

                    Some possibilities:

                    Pizza Pied (Gerrard/Pape) has delicious Turkish pies in many styles and falls well within your budget. You want the pied only - their regular pizzas are awful.

                    Cafe Vert caters and is very good. I don't know whether Sacha can meet you price point, but it's worth a call.

                    Cajun Corner is another possibility in this area. This is another "always call first" kind of place - they have only a small daily selection and they run out, but the advance ordering possibilities are good. You could feed everyone huge shrimp Po Boys for your budget

                    There's a big T&T on Cherry St, so there's no need to haul that kind of food from up north

                    KaKa Lucky on Broadview will stuff everyone within your budget. Ten bucks worth of Chinese BBQ should make four people happy