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Jan 9, 2008 12:25 PM

Just Like Mother's on Qns Blvd Forest Hills

Come on!
How come nobody's giving it up for this gem? It may be the early bird special kind of a crowd, but hey they know a thing or two. ; )

I particularly love their mushroom and barley soup. It is a perfect blend of creamy and texture. Best I've had anywhere.

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  1. Love the apple fritters with powdered sugar! We've enjoyed breakfast and lunch At Just Like Mother's a few times.

    Have you tried Bona on Fresh Pond in Ridgewood, also good!

    1. Yeah, I agree, their mushroom barley soup is terrific, and their blintzes are some of my favorites. It may sound strange but my uncle is germophobe and a very picky eater and this is one of the only restaurants he will eat at. It's an underrated gem.

      1. It's decent Polish comfort food...pierogies are pretty good, and their dinner specials are a good value...however, there's one really loathsome waitress there, who can ruin your meal with very little effort, but there's another 2 younger girls that are sweet as can be.--sometimes food isn't as hot as it should be--never cared for their blintzes, and their fritters always had weird aftertaste to me, much prefer Teresa's in the city or Bona in Ridgewood--or I forget the name at the moment, the more expensive Polish place further up on Fresh Pond's a good place to go when you feel depressed, you'll leave there feeling better :)

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          Hi Janie,
          I wonder if the waitress you are talking about is a brunette (they are mostly blonde there). We were there last sat. and there was a Polish family ready to pay for their meal and somehow an argument ensued (in Polish). It got HEATED too. I thought the waitress was going to attack the mom.

          I like my meal with a little drama.

          All the same, I am a fan of that mushroom barley soup. The bread they give you is not half bad either.

          1. re: janie

            I think you are correct -- this is decent Polish comfort food -- not as good as Teresa's. I absolutely LOVED the food at Teresa's in the city, but I have heard that they closed -- which is very, very sad.

            1. re: mshpook

              Theresa's is still on Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights.

          2. I totally agree, it's a great place! I had a brunch there the other day and I ordered the babka french toast, which was awesome. My friends and I also shared a variety of sweet and savory dumplings, pirogies and blintzes, all great. My friend's Polish platter had delicious sausage, saukraut and stuffed cabbage. All awesome. Sorry if there are any of these foods are spelled wrong, I was too lazy to look them up.

            1. Thanks to the recs here, hubby and I ventured out into the rain last night for pirogies and mushroom barley soup at Just Like Mother's and I'm so glad we did. The place was empty, save for one other couple (it was late and rainy) but otherwise it was a good experience with great food. I'll be sure to check out their brunch/breakfast at some point, too.

              Thanks chowhounders!