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Jan 9, 2008 12:21 PM

8 Wine Bar - soft opening

I stopped by the new wine bar that has opened in the space that used to be Doku. (At The Cosmopolitan hotel on Colborne.)

It was ok. There were some service hiccups (which one might expect on the first night), but had a decent looking menu.

In interest of full disclusre we didn't eat there, just had a couple of glasses of wine (my favorite was the moscato di asti), the cheese plate (ok), and the "adult tator tots" which were advertised as tator tots with shreded ham hock and cheddar. They were good, but I'd say they were more potato croquettes.

I expect I'll stop by again and perhaps have dinner someday. Their menu looked interesting and included some tasting sized dishes as well as full entrees. Some of the sides listed on their seasonal menu were macaroni & cheese and frites ($6.00). Other offers included a seafood platter, australian rack of lamb, and black cod, shepards pie with duck confit and foie gras donut (prices ranged from $10 ~ $40).

They also had a seperate menu that offered 8 additional tasting dishes (including an interpretation of chili cheese fries and "bacon and eggs") for $8 and a selection of deserts for $10.

I found their twee and grandiose descriptions of the some of the wine hilarious. (Complete with misspellings)

It will be intersting to see how it goes as it gets into the swing of things.

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  1. No offence to you, but you lost me somewhere between foie gras donut and 8 buck chili cheese fries.

    1. Thanks for the update... how does the room feel? I could never get into the concrete-cool that Doku was trying to channel. Is this space more inviting? Is the wine list at least interesting?

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      1. re: Rabbit

        I believe that Zoltan Szabo designed the wine list so it should be pretty damn interesting!

      2. Question about the cheese: was it properly tempered? Most (i.e. 99.9%) of Toronto restos (including high end ones) get this wrong. And how much of a selection do they have?

        How is their by-the-glass program? How many wines do they offer and what amount of pours?

        If there are indeed spelling mistakes on the wine list, that would turn me off immediately.

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        1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

          Can't comment on the cheese....looked yummy but didn't actually partake.

          They have 3, 5, and 8 oz pours as wells as bottle prices. There is a good range of wines (red, white and desert) as well as a full bar.

          Went again this evening. Loved it. It will be a preferred hangout for me.

        2. The original comment has been removed
            1. re: avocado_lover

              Went last night for a couple glasses of wine and a bite. It was fine. Just fine.

              I had been to Doku 15 and, although the place was "completely renovated", to me it had the same vibe. House music at first and later some jazz. The place was practically empty. Service warm and helpful. In my view, it's too formal for a wine bar -- white tablecloths, shiny silverware, place settings at the table on arrival.

              I went with a friend for a couple of glasses of wine and a bite. She had an Israeli viognier that was very nice (I forget her other glass). I had an Italian pinot (fine, $14 for an 8 oz pour), a nice Montalcino ($13 for a 3 oz pour), and a very nice moscato d'asti ($5 for a 5 oz pour). The wine menu was good, but on the pricey side -- I would say a little higher, on average, than Reds.

              The 2 bites we had were really not very special. Frites (tasty but unsalted and not hot, on the thick side), and the charcuterie platter (niagara prosciutto, 2 slices of duck breast, some chopped chicken liver pate, fig conserve, and a slice of fois with what tasted like cloudberry on top, a few crackers on the side -- nice enough, but it didn't feel super-fresh).

              Worth a try.

              1. re: avocado_lover

                I love his tasting notes for the Niagara Syrah. Kinda' useless, but pretty funny...

                "2002 Syrah, Daniel Lenko, Niagara
                One of the finest Syrah around! Would rival any of its Rhone counterparts! Its maker, Daniel, loves women, fast cars and bulldozers! Don't we all?!"

                And if these are the same notes as on the actual in-house list, I saw some types or spelling errors too... Orange "comfit"? Comfy? Cute...

                1. re: morrigan

                  saw that too...good tasting note and funny too...we took tte menu and wine list (we collect them...) and looking at it's "confit"..."orange confit" under one of the that what you refering to, morrigan? one thing...the couple sitting beside us were reading the list out loud the other night...that list might be a small part of that bar's attraction, sincerely, A.
                  p.s. thanks all for the Moroccan restaurant recos for tonight!! have a good weekend all!

                  1. re: avocado_lover

                    Yes - but on the website above it's spelled coMfit. Which sounds like a very relaxed orange:). I will try it fact myself and couple of girlfriends had intended to grab a glass of bubbly there before a spa afternoon a couple weeks back, but it hadn't opened yet. We ended up at The Irish Embassy, which isn't quite the same thing...will have to stop by soon...I love 3oz pours as I get to try more wines.

                    And please let us know where (if?) you go for Moroccan. I've been walking by The Sultan's Tent for years and wondered about it, so if you end up there I'd be happy to hear about the food...