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lunch suggestions in Edgewood, MD

My sister and I are thinking about driving down from the Philly area to go to the Restoration Hardware Warehouse sale this weekend. The address is Trimble Blvd in Edgewood. Neither of us are at all familiar with the area. Would there be a nice place nearby to have lunch? We would prefer it not to be an Applebys or Ruby Tuesday type of place. And if you have been to one of the RH sales, please feel free to comment on that as well!

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  1. Clarences of New Orleans is in the central part of Edgewood, off of Route 40 by the Amtrak station. Google it for more info and a menu.

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      Thanks, I did go to a link for Clarences, but it appears it is not open for lunch. Any other suggestions?

    2. There is surprisingly good food at My Three Sons, on Rt 24 just south of I-95 in Edgewood. Subs, pizza, pasta. Otherwise, it is wall-to-wall Ruby Tuesday and its ilk.

      My Three Sons
      2510 Philadelphia Rd
      Edgewood, MD 21040

      1. I hope I don't offend anyone who lives in Edgewood on this forum but "great food" doesn't necessarily come to mind when I think about Edgewood. Depending on what your tastes are, you may be a bit disappointed. I would recommend you head over to the Avenue at White Marsh (off of Honeygo Blvd) an outdoor shopping center. There, you find chain restaurants but also, some "not-so-chain restaurants" such as Kobe (Japanese), Strapazza (Italian), Bayou Grille ? (New Orleans).

        Been to the RH warehouse sale once (near the end of the summer) and escaped with some nice patio furniture. It's located in a huge warehouse and if you're looking for some high end (mostly scratch and dent) furniture this is the place to find it. The sales reps are friendly and extremely helpful although they are very busy. If you are a fan of RH, you can get lost in this place. While you are bargain hunting, check out C-Mart on Joppa Farm Rd.

        1. Just a quick reminder that Chowhound has a narrow focus on where to find deliciousness. Posts that are focused on Restoration Hardware are off topic.

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            Havre de Grace isn't too far from Edgewood. I suggest MacGregors. It's on the water, and has pretty decent food.

          2. Thank you all. Is Havre de Grace before Edgewood? I always see the exit when I'm coming in towards DC on 95.
            Thanks for the comments about where RH is located. We figured if it was in a shopping area, there would be nothing but chain restaurants so that's why I posted.

            1. Havre de Grace is at exit/mile marker 89 on I-95. You will find a number a really fine independent restaurants here, but no chains. Coakley's is an Irish Pub that serves some splendid lunches, and across the street is MacGregor's. Between MacGregor's and the water is the Tidewater Grille. Both MacGregors and Tidewater Grille are slightly more upscale, although both are fairly casual. Continue south through town to Washington St. to the Laurrapin Grille, truly an amazing place. Food is sort of Northern California meets Chesapeake Bay. Their bar is most popular in the area. On US Rt. 40 you'll find my personal favorite, The Bayou (pronounced here as Bay U). I've never had a bad meal or bad service here. Their crabcakes and fried oysters are legendary. There are plenty of others to try, but these are all worth getting off the highway.

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                Thanks for your descriptions, Becky. I will report back if we make it there this weekend. Take care.

              2. If you don't find something closer, you could take Route 24 over to Bel Air, MD to the Open Door Cafe. It is about 10 miles from Edgewood.