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Jan 9, 2008 11:53 AM

Best Seafood Restaurant?

My husband and I are coming to Chicago at the end of the month and staying in the Magnificent Mile area. We want to celebrate his birthday somewhere with good seafood and that is nice, but not too formal or overly expensive. I'm thinking like Crofton on Wells kind of $$$ and quiet ambience. He really likes seafood, and looking at some of the posts here, it seems Spring is one of the favorites. Any thoughts or other recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. You might want to check out Takashi, a just-opened place run by a super-talented chef. I haven't been yet (going tomorrow), but there are some positive posts on this and other boards. Although the space (where Scylla was) is cozy, it probably won't be too quiet.

    Your research about Spring is on the money--it is one of the best and most consistent seafood-oriented restaurants in this (or any other) city. I hadn't been there in a long time, but my meal on Wednesday was incredible. My business companions were still raving about the meal all day yesterday. All of the food, from the amuse to the post-dessert herb-infused liquid chocolate, was flawless. The atmosphere also seems exactly what you're looking for, too.

    Closer to Mag Mile, I'd recommend Kevin, another Asian-influenced $$$/*** place with good (albeit limited) seafood. Also nearby is Roy's and although it is not unique to Chicago (there are 30 or so, I believe), the seafood is always very good, as are the service and ambiance. I recently ate at one of the Roy's in Hawaii (in Kauai, not the original one) and actually think the one in Chicago is superior.

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      Thanks for all the great recommendations, Pugman! I made a reservation for Spring and we'll definitely check out your other recommendations, too!

    2. Spring is an excellent choice.

      You'll find an extended discussion of the best seafood restaurants in Chicago at