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Jan 9, 2008 11:42 AM

Alternatives to Starbucks?

I'm visiting Manhattan in a few weeks time and would like to try some really good coffee houses, preferably small independant stores as an alternative to the chains. Any suggestions?

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  1. The MUD Truck makes great coffee. In my neighborhood, I'm a big fan of Arte Around the Corner.

    1. My favorite coffee is at Via Quadronno/Bottega del Vino (v. mini chain). I've tried Joe's and didn't like it, but many others do and that may just be a difference in taste. Grumpy's is another place that I've read about.

      Edit - Oops - thought your name and coffee sounded familiar - sorry for the repeat of the first recommendation. Some other suggestions here:


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        Yes Bottega del Vino is excellent. This was recommended to me last year.
        Can I be a bit cheeky and ask for addresses?

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          Yes - I recommended it! Not sure if any of those places are in the Chowhound Places database - but you could check here:


          Will check myself later for you! Joe's is on 13th Street, just east of 5th Avenue.

      2. If you stroll Greenwich Village and Soho you'll run into plenty!

        1. Oren's! Unless we patronize the smaller (usually better) places, this will be a world poulated only by Starbuck's & FreshDirect.

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            I like Cafe Grumpy. 224 West 20th St, between 7th and 8th Aves. http://www.cafegrumpy.com/index.php

          2. Sicaffe at 964 Lexington (between 70-71st)

            Has been mentioned on these boards several years ago and it is still brewing strong. Here's another source for you, although Sicaffe does not make their list:


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              This is an interesting map. Has anyone been to Blue Spoon Coffee on Chambers? I'd be curious to hear feedback.