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Jan 9, 2008 11:09 AM

Nice dinner in the 905 north

Hey chowhounds,

My wife and I love fine food, but we haven't been out in 8 months since our first child was born. With some relatives visiting, we've deceided to go out for my birthday in a few weeks and celebrate with a nice dinner. We'd prefer fine dining Hwy 7 and north, but could go down to Steeles. I'd say between Bathurst and Kennedy are our other boundaries (just in case we need to get home in an emergency!)

Places we've been up here, Terra (GREAT!), Richmond Grill (soso), Grand Island (surprisingly good), Brix (horrible).

Can anyone make some recs? We're at 404/Major Mackenzie so even stuff in Newmarket wouldn't be too far away.

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  1. Congrats on the new addition, and happy birthday yourself.
    Unionville: Il Postino, The Chophouse, Blacksmiths
    I have heard well of Lemon Bistro in Markham, but not eaten there m'self.
    Same for Santos, Italian, at Royal Orchard & Yonge
    Yonge & Glen Cameron (?): The Octagon.

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      Thanks for the suggestions The Goddess, good call on Unionville, always forget its right around the corner. I'll check out the menus and see if anything interests me.

      I think Octagon is a little north of Glen Cameron, been there, not a big fan at their prices!

      1. re: Wil

        Try to get the rellies to pick up the tab, mate! It's yer birthday!!!

    2. This one is at Weston Rd. & Rutherford.

      Piacere Ristorante

      1. Hwy 7 & 404 NW side - in where the Keg and about 10 other restaurants are... - Spezzo - it's Italian and the decor is great. Wine/pasta all good.

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          I go to a lot of business dinners in the 7 and 404 area. I agree the best one is Spezzo.

          The lamb shank and the boneless roast chicken are delicious. The dessert sampler also provides good variety.

        2. Couple of Chinese recomendations: Ambassdor (W. Beaver Creek at Hwy 7) for elegant surroundings and excellent seafood. O-Mei, just west of Ambassador, great food, slightly less elegant (and more crowded) surroundings.

          And, if you'd like to try Vietnamese, the new Vic Hong at Bayview and Major Mac (NW corner) has very good food at quite incredible (i.e. low!) prices.

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            Thanks for the tip, but we typically avoid asian since we're chinese and eat asian food all the time, special celebrations we try to stick to Continential type food that we never good at home. Been to pretty much every chinese place on Hwy 7. :)

          2. You might want to check http://www.tuttobene.ca/, located next to Terra, less expensive and just as nice, according to chowhounders who were there.