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May 15, 2001 02:36 AM

all dressed up....

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I'm looking for good late night dining suggestions where a body wouldn't be out of place in black tie or equivalent, preferably downtown or Pasadena.

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  1. Deborah--just a quick note to point out that we have many thousands of users. So rather than be "just another Deborah", if you'd include a last name or use a "handle" (anything to make your nametag distinctive), it'd allow everyone to get to know you and not confuse you with other Deborahs, past or future!

    of course, your nametag is your business, so if you'd prefer to be just plain old "Deborah", that's totally your perogative!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim, how many times are you going to send me this friendly reminder? Last time I posted a considered reply, pointing out that (among other things) I am the only Deborah who has, so far, posted to this site. If you don't mean for your final admonition (that my name is my own business) to be heeded, just say: make up some name that involves an ingredient and numbers, or whatever.

      I'd still appreciate suggestions about late night black tie dining!

      1. re: Deborah

        So you are also deborah with lower case who posts in NY/NJ, or Deborah with the bigorange e-mail address, and the same person as the unfortunate Deborah who is intolerant of those who spend their time thinking about food?

        1. re: Deborah

          "Jim, how many times are you going to send me this friendly reminder?"

          Over and over, perhaps, though not intentionally. I'll try to remember who you are (and I DEFINITELY didn't mean to multi-remind you, sorry about that), but it's tough when we have thousands of posters and you've chosen an undistinctive nametag. Again, my repetition was unintentional, but it does highlight my point.

          You're indeed welcome to use any name you want, but, once again, posting under a given name will work against your being recognized as a personality here, regardless of whether you are the only Deborah (and as Melanie stated, there are several others...and she left some out, too).


          1. re: Jim Leff

            Just reread my, did that sound cranky! Sorry...didn't mean it that way! I'm up several hours before my norm (airplanes are strafing my apartment building) after a night of rather severe over-indulgence. I think I'll wait a few hours before posting again!


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Don't feel bad. Your original suggestion was done in an entirely gentle and polite manner. It is rather amusing that people seem so very resistant to the suggestion. As to the original question, how about the Water Grill? Not sure about the late serving part, but the black tie would not be out of place.

      2. The Pacific Dining Car (Downtown, 1310 W 6th) is open all night, is reasonably good, if expensive, and always has dressed up people. Bernard's (in the Biltmore ~500 South Grand) is, in MYHO entirely underrated, has taken us as late as 10 and always seems to have tuxedos. I'm not aware of a single dressy Pasadena place that would appreciate you after 10pm.

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        1. re: Griller141
          Deborah (still)

          thanks to all for suggestions, on various topics.

          I think we're going to end up at Lucques-- wrong part of town, but we won't have some one breathing down our necks at 10 or 10:30. And while I like Dining Car a lot, I'm there a little too often to fancy it for this occasion--

          I haven't seen any one suggest the Ritz Carlton Huntington before. I've only been for a business lunch. I'd be interested in hearing more about the food and the hours.

        2. I say AMEN to Pacific Dining Car. The only good late night spot d-town that I've found...not necessarily saying much, tho. You could go to The Pantry, of course; they get all sorts.

          1. I second Bernards at the Biltmore, as well as Checkers, right across the street. Pacific Dining Car is also excellent. All three are appropriate for Black Tie. As for Pasadena, The Ritz Carleton would be perfect for such attire.

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            1. re: Tom P

              Ritz Carlton! That's the ticket - nothing better for fancy stuff in Pasadena. Very nice, very formal.

            2. Hi Deborah,

              Let me see if I can't make some suggestions for Pasadena.

              - Trattoria Tra Venezie - On Green St. I haven't been here and it's on my list of places to go, but it looks quite classy inside.

              - Twin Palm - On Delacy. I've seen many dressed up people go in and out of this place. You won't feel out of place. I haven't eaten here in about 4-5 years, hopefully time has improved the food.

              - Mi Piace - On Colorado. This may not fit your bill for dressy place, in fact you'll probably be mistaken for prom bound high school students, if you step into here. But they certainly open late. I think the kitchen closes at midnight, if not 1 am. The food is only passible.

              -On Raymond Ave, 2 blocks north of Colorado, you can find some finer dining establishments to fit your request like Xiomara and Yujean Kang. I think the only restaurant you'd wouldn't want to go on Raymond is Boomerock, the faux-Australian themey restaurant where you cook for yourself. You probably don't want your clothes to get smelly and dirty from cooking.

              Fortunately Pasadena dining is not limited to Old Town.

              -Arroyo Chophouse and Parkway Grill on Arroyo is a classic steakhouse. Decent steaks there at the Chophouse.

              -Cayo next to the playhouse is pretty elegant looking, and the food is fine, so I think that would be a good place to go to.

              -Maison Akira on Green street is reportedly a very nice Japanese-French restaurant.

              -Hugo Molina on Green is also has a good reputation.

              -Bistro 45 on Mentor has one of the most extensive wine list I've ever seen in the San Gabriel Valley.

              Well, I don't beleve any of these restaurant have any kind of dress code. A few (I'm guessing Maison Akira and Hugo Molina) may not allow really casual dress, like shorts. I'd assume quite a few people dress up to go to the Pasadena Playhouse, then venture on the Cayo afterwards. But I don't think you would feel out of place if your really dressed up. Perhaps other hounds can give more information about dress codes and food reviews on these restaurants?